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Day #3 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, We’ve all been there before right? A fever in the middle of the night? Throw-up all over the bed sheets? Or how about catching the virus yourself in the midst aiding your little ones back to health. We are signed up to be the first medical advocates for our kids the moment they […]

The 4 Things I’m Loving Right Now…

Hey Moms, It’s S-P-R-I-N-G Moms!  What does that mean for us?  A couple of things: It’s time for the seasonal ‘clothes management’ switch…that’s what I call sifting through the winter and summer clothes and deciding on a good mix of clothes to keep in the kids’ drawers for this “transitional” weather. Make summer camp/travel plans….eeekk! […]

Change is A Verb – Just Do It !

Hey Moms, So I was sitting in my girlfriend’s stunning house in Montclair, NJ, sharing with her about my mini life-crisis.  It was the first time we were experiencing her new pool with accompanying pool house and the weather was perfect – hot enough for a dip with just enough clouds in the sky.  My […]

Some Days We Have to Fight to Win

Hey Moms, It’s been A DAY. I’m talking about BURN. THE. SAGE. Purify this house of negative energy and overwhelming emotions. I’m not sure if it’s just that my kids aren’t listening well today or whether it’s a combination of things: Maybe I overexerted myself yesterday trying to be super mom? Perhaps I haven’t had […]

3.7.16 Live Chat Recap: Moving with Kids

Hey Moms, Last night I spoke with a great friend, Tiffany, about moving with kids.  She once moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon when her daughter was 10 and another time to Los Angeles, California three years later.  Her last move was back to Chicago.  In Portland she didn’t know anyone and in LA just […]