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What are Your distractions?

Hey Moms, I had the awesome opportunity to see a friend perform live last Sunday.  She’s a singer, a friend from my old church, and a fellow Chicagoan.  One of her songs spoke about distractions…I think the song’s chorus was a “tall glass of distraction”.  The song spoke about what it costs to get sidelined […]

Day #4 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, Post ’em UP! Post ’em UP! #momswinning#365daysofmomswinning How are you winning today??? Tag and hashtag #momswinning#365daysofmomswinning. ? Let’s shift the narrative of motherhood. Find the wins everyday, everyway. Today, I was able to invest 30-minutes into my fitness and wellbeing. I took my mom’s bike out for a spin. Wow! Do you know how many years […]