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3 Ways We Are Just Like Trees

Hey Moms, One of the things I love most about spring is seeing everything come back to life.  But, if we think about that a little more, none of the plants actually die, do they?  No, the flowers and trees just change seasons.  From the outside, they lose their petals and leaves, but from within, […]

WOW Wednesday: The Human Heart

❤️❤️thump thump❤️ ❤️thump thump❤️❤️ Hey moms, My WOW of the week is the human heart.  I’m in awe… Remember the first time you heard your baby’s heartbeat???  Wasn’t it amazing ???  It was confirmation of life, right?  You could hear something was growing inside of you.  A soul…a spirit… a tiny little person. ? And […]

Make Your Happy !

Happy WOW Wednesday Moms! Today is the day when we reflect on the magic of life and salute the universe in awe. Did you know that you actually need very little to be happy? ☺️ I know, most of us have been raised with the mentality that acquisition = happiness. ? But studies show that the more […]