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Day #9 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, Post ’em up! Post ’em up! Tag @momswinning and #365daysofmomswinning for a chance to be featured. Today’s Day #9 of the #365daysofmomswinning and my Win is a simple, yet hard to come by, Win as a mom: I spent time reading a book today. ???? And one I wanted, not one included in bedtime stories to the kids. ? This is […]

Day #8 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, Post ’em up! Post ’em up! Tag @momswinning and use hashtag #365daysofmomswinning for a chance to be featured. Today is Day #8 of the #365daysofmomswinning and I’m so thankful. My Win today comes from a conversation I had with an old friend I bumped into today while out with the family. You see, I met my friend last year around this […]

Day #7 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, Post ’em up, Post ’em up! Tag @momswinning and hashtag #365daysofmomswinning for a chance to be featured. Today’s win happened this morning. I woke up before my kids and had time to meditate and read some devotionals. Though that’s a win in itself, that’s not the win I’m highlighting today. ? After that, when my kids woke […]

Day #6 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, Post ’em up! Post ’em up! It’s Day #6 of #365daysofmomswinning! How are you winning today? I want to know. Tag @momswinning and hashtag #365daysofmomswinning. Today my Win was getting to yoga!!! ✊? 90 minutes of 104 degree heat, 26 positions 2x each. All to myself! Namaste! I had ALL kinds of unmotivated thoughts ? going on before hand: […]

Day #5 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, Post ’em up! Post ’em up! Tag @momswinning and hashtag #365daysofmomswinning. You’re winning! Day #5 Win is spending time being a sister. When I first had kids, I really had no time for anything else or anyone else – did you feel like that too? Well today, before flipping over in a kayak […]

Day #4 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, Post ’em UP! Post ’em UP! #momswinning#365daysofmomswinning How are you winning today??? Tag and hashtag #momswinning#365daysofmomswinning. ? Let’s shift the narrative of motherhood. Find the wins everyday, everyway. Today, I was able to invest 30-minutes into my fitness and wellbeing. I took my mom’s bike out for a spin. Wow! Do you know how many years […]

Day #3 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, We’ve all been there before right? A fever in the middle of the night? Throw-up all over the bed sheets? Or how about catching the virus yourself in the midst aiding your little ones back to health. We are signed up to be the first medical advocates for our kids the moment they […]

Day #2 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms, It’s Day #2 of #365daysofmomswinning. Go to the blog and join the movement. We are celebrating our daily wins, big or small, for the next year! ? They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, well let’s change our lifestyle. By focusing on the wins, everyday, we create a mind shift […]

Day #1 of #365ofmomswinning

  Hey Moms, I have some exciting news! I’ve made a huge commitment.  For the next year…365 days…I will post about my daily wins in motherhood.  But it’s not just about me, it’s about US.  You’re in on this too. It’s called the #365daysofmomswinning. It’s a new campaign to celebrate our wins, big or small. […]