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Song of the Day: Open Your Eyes by John Legend

 If you know me, you know I LOVE music, always have. ❤️?❤️ One of my favorite songs, and I have many, is Open Your Eyes originally by Bobby Caldwell but remade by John Legend (and sampled by Common❤️). All versions can spark a two-step in me. Look it up and enjoy! Let’s Win, Cynthia ?… Read More »

Song of the Day: Invincible by Kelly Clarkson 

Moms, Please listen/download this awesome song today! Let this be your get-pumped song! YOU ARE INVINCIBLE! What ever you are going through….you CAN make it!  I’m proof! Let’s Win, Cynthia ———————– Lyrics You know I was broke down, I had hit the ground I was crying out, I couldn’t make no sound No one hears… Read More »