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On BLAB Live Chat This Week… M O M S and M O N E Y !

Hey Moms, Monday night’s BLAB was GGGRRREEEAAATTTT! Moms & Money is definitely a topic we need to discuss on the regular. You can check out the replay HERE. Aj Mac of Principles of Increase and Aisha Taylor of FNPhenomenal really did an outstanding job of offering financial insight and winning strategies. I loved that we had 4 cities represented in one […]

3.7.16 Live Chat Recap: Moving with Kids

Hey Moms, Last night I spoke with a great friend, Tiffany, about moving with kids.  She once moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon when her daughter was 10 and another time to Los Angeles, California three years later.  Her last move was back to Chicago.  In Portland she didn’t know anyone and in LA just […]