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Winning Through “The Mommy Rut”

Definition of “The Mommy Rut”- the feeling and experience of stagnation, nebulously operating through daily lifeʼs activities and challenges, with the possible result of the mother realizing that she has been delinquent in self-care, embracing habits & hobbies that are restorative and maintaining vibrancy. Thursday morning…Wait? Did I wear jeans/yoga pants E V E R […]

Party Time? Design on A Dime and Keep Your Mind!

Party, party, party! For some, those words evoke excitement. For others – namely parents with children under 5 years of age – they can create some anxiety. Okay, okay…that’s just me??? Fine….but I know I’m not the only one who didn’t give their children parties until 5 years old…and then only invited my adult friends […]

I See You Spring

There’s a lilac plant that we pass on our way to and from school every day. (At least that’s what I think this plant is 🤔) Today, we could smell it. The sun was so bright, my daughter couldn’t open her eyes for a picture. So, I said, just keep them closed and feel the […]

The Danger of a Smile

The danger of a #smile. Just like the saying goes, you think you know but you have no idea. If you look closely enough at this picture, you see a tear trying to well up in my eyelid. I was fighting my way (and my heart) out of an abusive #relationship, far away from home, and with […]