About Cynthia

Hey Moms!

I’m Cynthia, your online mom friend, life coach and cheerleader…Goooo YOU!  I am here to help you win in life and motherhood.

I’m a life enthusiast, eternal optimist and world charger.

Born and raised in The Windy City of Chicago (Chi-town stand up!), I am the youngest of two daughters, raised by a very hard-working single mother.  At a young age, I learned a lot about work ethic, leadership and love from my family.  I had a big heart and unique perspective, both which I knew would be a valuable asset to the world.

“Follow your passion, work hard and keep your faith.”  – Cynthia

First-generation US born and bi-racial city girl, I traveled over an hour every morning to attend magnet schools in America’s most segregated city.  I couldn’t help but always learn and work on myself to be the change that I wanted to see in the world. I eventually was the first in my family to go away to college (whoot-whoot!) to get a BS in Finance and MS in HR.  I always loved learning about business and what made people happy. Our culture is really built around work and money.  I’m convinced that our impact is greater than that.

“Diversity matters…in culture, ideas, lifestyles and faith.”  Cynthia

I started Moms Winning the blog, out of a pit of personal challenge.  After living in New York City for 6 years, single and free, I quickly found myself with two children, single and far away from home.  My pain turned into my platform.  I figured there must be other moms, who loved being moms, but who were also going through all the stress and mess of motherhood too.  I started writing about my experiences, good finds and life hacks for moms.  I hustled a lot in The Big Apple and feel blessed for all my experiences in the 13 years.  Now, after coming back home to Chicago, I want to continue to provide a online resource community for moms across the globe – from diapers, to homemade cough medicine and good doctor recommendations.  

“I want to provide inspiration, insight, tips and tools on how to win in life and motherhood.  The wisdom is within US.” – Cynthia

A former young athlete (tennis anyone?), I easily transferred over the leadership skills acquired in organized sports to everything I touched.  College life, corporate america, blogging and entrepreneurship.  Being coachable and knowing how to give feedback is critical for any leader in any realm – home or work.  I think moms are the master multi-taskers and are under resourced in the work world and our society.  

“Feedback is a gift.  Constantly look for ways to learn and find takeaways in life.” – Cynthia  

Master workshop facilitior and excellent public speaker, I offer workshops for moms, individual or small group coaching and consult businesses on strategy, operations and human resources.

In my spare time, I enjoy having dance parties with my two daughters and going to bikram yoga classes. Namaste.

I’m excited to connect with you.  Find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Let’s Win,