Winning Through “The Mommy Rut”

Definition of “The Mommy Rut”- the feeling and experience of stagnation, nebulously operating through daily lifeʼs activities and challenges, with the possible result of the mother realizing that she has been delinquent in self-care, embracing habits & hobbies that are restorative and maintaining vibrancy.

Thursday morning…Wait? Did I wear jeans/yoga pants E V E R Y day this week?

Lipstick? Whatʼs that? I should watch a few makeup tutorials to master a five-minute makeup regimen. Do I really have time for that?

Who has time for a color and cut? When was the last time that I tried something new?

Sigh…I used to love painting, traveling and reading books. It was so good for my soul.

And speaking of my soul, when was the last time I spent time meditating, reading the Word and expressing gratitude? And no, girlfriend, saying a quick prayer before scarfing down a meal or when I need a close parking space does not count!

Sound familiar?

As a mom of 4 (!) busy little boys, itʼs often that Iʼll go weeks and at times months where I lose focus on me. Sure, I get the opportunity to rear, with my husband, this dynamic quartet. However, I find that, at times, I need a little course correction.

After 10 years of being a mom, Iʼve instituted the “mommy rut edit” routine! Every quarter (I time it with Konmaring my closets), I take a self-evaluation and use this questionnaire:

How am I doing spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially? Where am I struggling? What tensions am I experiencing? Have I evaluated the root cause? What can I do about it? Whatʼs a reasonable expectation? What resources should I elicit?

This quarter, I have focused on improving both physically and spiritually.


  • I committed to a new fitness challenge courtesy of Beachbody. 
  • I took swimming classes to refine my skill set. Each Tuesday at 8pm for 6 weeks straight, I met with a swim coach to focus on moving me from a recreational swimmer to a beginner master swimmer. 
  • I had a mini session with a diva girlfriend who made suggestions on updating my look. She walked me through minor tweaks to my makeup regimen, introduced me to new products and offered recommendations for upgrading portions of my wardrobe.


  • I start my morning off by expressing gratitude to my Creator and thank him for another day. There are times where I miss doing this and I find that Iʼm off-centered when I do. I also enjoy devotionals through the apps First 5 and YouVersion.
  • Iʼve implemented a quarterly review of who I follow on my social media platforms. I do so to ensure that what I entertain motivates, inspires and keeps me plugged into my community.

Hereʼs to another quarter of dusting off “The Mommy Rut” and fully embracing motherhood and my individuality!

Let’s Win,



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