Party Time? Design on A Dime and Keep Your Mind!

Party, party, party! For some, those words evoke excitement. For others – namely parents with children under 5 years of age – they can create some anxiety. Okay, okay…that’s just me??? Fine….but I know I’m not the only one who didn’t give their children parties until 5 years old…and then only invited my adult friends as guests. 😯

Anyway, over the years of minimalism (at first due to finances but now due to sanity) I have some quick tips to turn any house into a happy house-party. I’ve been living my life with efficiency because I’ve had to, but now because I want to. Here’s what I consider when putting together a low-cost, high-value house party.

I treat all spaces like a blank canvas. We want to catch the eyes of our guests and say “fun,” “vibrant,” “party” when they walk in.

Streamers – Don’t underestimate these bad boys here! Creativity abounds with these lovely long pieces of paper (essentially that’s what they are 😆). They are cheap and can light up a doorway. I usually target doorways and windows…anyplace where you can hang a rainbow of colors.

Balloons – Again, my second to-go item for a party. Some times, I just buy 20 balloons, tape something cute on the bottom of the string and let them fill up the ceiling. I also use them strategically to blend in with a theme but that’s next level…and for another post. 

Signature Pieces/Walls – I usually make a number (whatever age we are celebrating) out of pictures or plates or tissue paper. I also will use door/wall streamers to create backdrops. Again, next level partying: I create an art piece related to the theme.

Lights On – if you don’t have a lot of natural light, flip on all lights. You want the place to be very well lit and inviting. It allows guest to feel like there is space.

Air On – if it’s not a good day to open windows and get fresh air, or if you don’t have good airflow in your spot, put on the a/c so your guests don’t have to worry about getting sweaty. Plan for a cooler temp setting because with more people in your place, that’s more body heat. 

Open Walkway – This one is a bit feng shui but it’s a fact, people can move more easily into a space if the walkway is clear and they can see their way into the party. Try to keep seats organized and along the edge of a party so there is inviting open space for dancing or mingling. 

Music – I can’t emphasize this enough…music makes a party pop. And please use a speaker, even if it’s the homemade kind. By playing music, we are telling guests audibly, there is a party here. Use Spotify or Pandora for a quick KidzBop playlist or something. Next level partying: you create your own playlist. Sounds like a good task for an older child.

Scents – Again, using the senses to invite people into your home and make them feel at ease, comfortable and ready to have a great time. Light candles (away from a child’s reach) or use air diffusers. 

Clean Sweep of Bathroom and Kitchen – The most used places, should be clear of clutter. Everyone doesn’t need to know your business. Have soap, hand towel, garbage and air freshener available for guests. 

Food and Sweets – Just make it organized and easy for self-helping. We would all love to serve our guests…but parents don’t have time for that. We are trying to save our couch from stains and keep children in only the play areas. Have plates, napkins, and utensils first and food and desserts last. 

That’s it for now! I have tons more but let’s just start here. What do you think? What are some of your tips and tools for throwing a party on a budget and keeping your mind at ease (is that possible?)? Comment below.

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