Chi-Town’s Westside – Park 547 – A Must See!

Nestled on Chicago’s westside at 2540 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60612

When I became a mom in New York City, I became a playground expert. I didn’t have the cash to fly or drive very far with my kiddos, but I knew I could get on the train or bus and explore the city I was in. One summer, I challenged myself to find the best playgrounds in the city. It was fun and the kids were so excited to see different playgrounds. Because honestly speaking, when they are toddlers (and up), that’s all they want to do…is run around and play. And better at the playground than my house! It’s how they learn and practice using their limbs and muscles. Well this weekend, we explored a new playground on the west side of Chicago, in Sain Park. What a beauty! The playground is built on a slant and from its peak, you can see Willis Tower, one of Chicago’s tallest skyscrapers. The slide, balance beam, hanging rings, climbing walkway…there’s just so much to do here. I highly recommend going to this park. Explore your city, wherever you are moms. Find the local treasures and share them with your little ones. #chicago#playgrounds#parks#explore#love#momswinning#willistower#city#sainpark#education#peak#view

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