3 Ways to Survive the #PolarVortex2019 with Kids

Hey Moms,

Well, if you haven’t heard, Chicago is colder than Antartica right now. Wow. A historic cold storm is sweeping the midwest, called a Polar Vortex, and it caused me to wake up to -55 degrees (with windchill) this morning. Needless to say, schools were closed, work was being done from home and there was only a lonely handful of cars in the streets this morning.

Ice floats on Lake Michigan at dawn in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019. Bitter cold is taking hold across the upper Midwest to the Northeast, prompting warnings to stay indoors. The National Weather service said the temperature in Chicago dropped on Wednesday morning to minus 19 degrees, breaking the previous record low for the day set in 1966. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Now, when you receive a message from your children’s school district to say there is no school for the next two days…there are two options on how to respond: freak out or freak out some more. Just kidding! But, really, if you are like me, you love your kids buuuuuttttt you also like NOT having to work, while cooking, while playing, while monitoring safety, while breaking up fights…all at the same time. Did I mention and also try to do WORK!?

Well, with mental sanity in mind as our wellness goal, here are some things I thought about in planning to survive the #PolarVortex2019 with my kids.

#1 Lower all expectations. Nope, it’s not gonna go as planned. Nothing. It’s not going to be the most efficient day to do all house chores. Or the house won’t magically stay clean today just because you’re home in it. You will get interrupted, a lot. There will probably be a tear shed or 100. Prepare mentally for all that, so you can have a better life experience with the reality of it. If you’re already freaking out, breathe and try visualization. I’m so serious. Say affirmations to yourself on how today is going to go but with present tense words. For example: “I love my life,” or “Today is so easy-breezy” or (my favorite) “Everything is going so well for me.” Even if you have a toddler throwing a tantrum on the floor right now – just say the words! I’m someone who couldn’t help but dread weekends alone with my babies at one point in time, so I get it. An entire day alone, with no help, and being completely locked in, can be challenging. But, let’s start with the right playing field and lower the expectations of the day.

#2 Make a plan of action. Games. Extra homework. FaceTime with grandma, reading her a book, quiet reading, rest time, tech time, crafts/coloring, free play. Giving them a defined set of options puts them in control, in a sneaky way, to make them actually do the listed activities. Equaling them being busy and out of your hair. See the list we came up with below. By the way, my girls are going to be working on their YouTube channel and I’m not ready.  And when I say a plan of action, that means for you too. Do you want to bathe today? Eat some greens? Read a book? Make a call? Make a quick list of 5 things you’d love to accomplish today. Things won’t just magically happen, you have to make a plan and then manifest! 

#3 Prepare yourself. Having food in the fridge and some extra hot cocoa helps. We also had the laundry done and cleaned the house by Tuesday. We’ve been preparing since last week. I have like 3 frozen pizzas in my freezer right now when I run out of energy to cook because I’ve just been a therapist for two little ladies and I don’t have anyone to listen to me cry. So, having enough toilet paper and milk…all that helps ease this “shut-in” situation.

If you need a goal, just know, now is not forever. Just take it one day, or one hour…one minute at a time. And remember, kids need direction and help. It’s part of the package. Bake in some extra time (margin) to explain, comfort or instruct. Lord knows, I need to do a lot more “baking in” the time.

You got this moms! If all else fails, throw on Netflix and chill. 

Share your tips below. I’d love to hear how you make it through successfully when you are shut-in with the littles.

Let’s Win,


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