Day #152 of Moms Winning

Hey Moms,

This #365daysofwinning campaign exists for us, so that we can shift our focus on the positive and celebrate our wins, big and small.

Today, instead of going to a PTO meeting (that I really wanted to attend), I kept my kids up really late to support an old high school buddy who is the head coach of the women’s basketball team at @uicflames in Chicago.

I thought about the sleep my kids would be missing or the energy it would take me to drive there and back. But when I found myself laughing until my stomach hurt, I knew it was all worth it.

Plus, our team won! My oldest daughter was sitting seriously in silence, as I think the athletic bug has officially bit her. My other young lady was trying to practice her cheerleading moves. 😆

Worth the push out of the house. Which you moms know takes so much effort. Winning!

Now, what about you? Post a win and use the hashtag so I can feature your great work. You’re winning mama!

Let’s Win,


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