Balancing Out Self Talk

Hey Moms,

One of my favorite spiritual leaders, Louise Hay, would say we are our thoughts. If that’s the case, and I believe it is, many of us are in trouble.

Today, my youngest daughter said how terrible she was at something just because it (the task) was challenging or required her to practice more.

Now, I know we need to work on her growth mindset a bit, so she doesn’t give up because a task is hard at first go. But, in recovering from her challenging “big feelings” moment, I try to balance out (if not surpass) her negative self-talk.

Just like with you or me, when we are having a hard time or day, we may falter and release negative self-talk like “I’m not good enough,” “this will never work,” etc. Well, if we understand our self-talk is like our mental bank account, we need to make sure the credits outweigh the deposits.

So, as a part of closing out the “teachable moments” with my daughter, I’ve started to ask that she repeat a targeted positive affirmation 10 times. For example, today I had her say, “I am gifted and talented in so many ways.” She seemed to enjoy the activity and even expressed a smile.

I think it’s important to start good self-talk habits now when they are young. It’s just as important as knowing how to be respectful and responsible one could argue.

What do you do moms-when your babies get frustrated and bring in negative self-talk? Comment below. I’d love to know and learn from you.

Let’s Win,


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