Specialty Shopping Pays Off: TallSlim Tees is a Winner!

Hey Moms,

We love to take care of our families, don’t we? We are the masters of making sure everyone’s needs are met – from food to fun, bathing to books, rest to recycling…and the list goes on and on. We are the masters (or have to be by default) of everything. That’s why “MOM” spelled upside down is “WOW.” 😄

And certainly being a curator of clothing options for the household is no different. I feel like I have a degree in clothing management now…yup, I just made that up. I have two daughters who are 16 months apart (yup, keep praying for me…especially during the pre-teen years) and every season, I would have to pick through each piece of clothing to see what fit, what didn’t and what was in season. Every garment that might work in the future, would be stored away in bins for the next season. Speaking of…spring is here…I’ll add “bring out the clothes bins” to my to-do list this weekend. 😏

And even beyond the youngsters, what about our partners, lovers, significant others, boos and goyfriends (yup, like that gender neutrality?)? We serve as their sounding board on fashion faux pas and living a life of style and comfort. 😎

For me, my handsome boo-thing is slim and slender..a category of living I don’t really know about (thank you hips). But, what I did notice is my guy’s need to find small-sized shirts that were long enough for his frame. Now, I know a thing or two about shopping for clothes and what it feels like to not find things/brands that fit (again, thank you hips). But I thought to myself, in this day and age, there must be a specialty line that serves this niche audience. And lo and behold, there was! I found TallSlim Tees and decided to try them out.

My overall review: Two Thumbs Up 👍👍

Quality: NICE. We ordered a grey v-neck long-sleeved shirt. They use a soft 50/50 cotton polyester blend that really lays nice and feels great to touch.

Sizing: PERFECT. The sleeves were long enough, the torso section was long enough and the slim around the chest…but not too small.

Endurance: YES, to multiple washes and washes and washes…we are busy moms and if you are like me, everything goes in together. And weekly. This shirt can withstand it.

Color/Style: Uber COOL. There is a great selection of styles and colors to have a fitting shirt that is stylish too – winning!

Bonus: They also offer a couple shirts for women and general sizing guidelines right at the top of their website. You can tell they are a company that wants slim & tall people (and customers) to be happy.

Find out more about the company here and search their tees for yourself and loved ones. I love nothing more than to put my money in the right place and make my people happy. You too, I bet.

So moms, this was just one of my recent “wins” in the area of clothing our loved ones – what have you found out about recently and can share with our community? Post comments below and do tell!       

Let’s Win,


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