My 3 Favorite Things From the Nation’s Largest Auto Show!

Hey Moms,

What fun we had over the weekend! I’m finally feeling close-to-normal after a bad season (and house full) of colds, the flu, infections…you name it. #momlife I also heard we have 25 days until spring – questionable living in Chicago – but I’ll take it.  With all that said, I pray the best is yet to come this season and I can finally retire my snow boots and not have to use my snow brush to clean off my car anymore.


With the three day weekend (thanks President’s Day!), my newly returned “mom energy” and “less snowy” Chicago weather, I ventured to an event I haven’t been to in almost 2 decades….The Chicago Auto Show! Growing up in Chicago, going to the “Auto Show” was a thing. It’s just something we Chicagoans did…it was a major event. And this was before I was driving age or even understood the mind-blowing technology that goes into creating and building a car.

Today’s auto show is a bit upgraded in comparison to the first show ever in 1901.  Yet, it is still the largest auto show in North America, with nearly 1,000 different vehicles on display in over 1 million square feet of floor space. And it’s not just everyday cars on display, participants can see competition vehicles, project, antique and collector cars. Hello Lamborghini Aventador S LP740-4 S! I see you!









Additionally, there are themed days now – how cool! Family day was on Monday but there’s also a women’s day, Hispanic heritage day, food drive day and more. There are also a handful of activities that are geared towards kids, like mini car drives and interactive car coloring activities. Check out this Chicago Tribune article for all the family activites related to this year’s auto show.

Overall, the crowd was not overwhelming, which is a big thing for this mom (pointing to myself)…I just won’t sign up to go anywhere that I know I will guarantee all my patience tokens will be used up. Yup, it’s like a bank…no deposits, no withdrawals. Ha!

Now on to my 3 favorite things from this year’s auto show:

1. Beat box car – How cool! For no other reason other than it’s fun for the kids! In this car, kids (anyone for that matter) can enter the car and just hit all over to create sound and music.  It’s so fun. (Sorry, I put a video on IG and forgot to save it for the blog).

2. Atlas Volkswagon – this is my new family car…I’m manifesting it. I loved that it wasn’t too big and not too small.  I always look for third row options because I like to have the option to pick up my friend’s kiddos for the day (#giveamombreak) and I can’t do that with a sedan and my own two chicas. There was a good-sized trunk area for bikes or scooters and a panoramic sunroof!!! The second row of seats fits 3 child carseats and you can access the 3rd row easily without taking out a carseat (#momwin).

3. Spanish Toyota stage – As I was walking through the display floor, I noticed a stage, with two full personalities speaking in English and Spanish, with a crowd of folks listening in. Myself, as a Mexican woman, loved seeing the investment and display of cultural diversity and how this company is appealing to Spanish speaking families.

And a secret #4 – the test drive experience.  Though I didn’t have the time to wait in the lines, the test drives seemed super fun.  They even created fake rough terrain experiences for the test drivers. Next year we will partake for sure!

Thanks to the good people at Chicago’s Auto Show for having me and the fam attend this year’s Auto Show event.  We will definitely come back for more in 2019!

Did you attend the auto show? Or have you ever in your city? Comment below and tell me how you enjoyed it.

Let’s Win,


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