Taking The Time

Hey Moms,

First off – Happy New Year.  I speak blessings and abundance into your new year…new you.  Remember, resolutions and deciding to live better than before can happen whenever you want (and will) it.  😉

Over the past several weeks, much has happened to me.  A recent sickness and some health concerns have officially inspired me to slow down.  I have had to slow down what I eat, how I eat and take special notice to my habits and stress levels.  Now sleep, meditation, journaling and even getting back into therapy have all become priorities (again).

As I was getting ready over the weekend, I realized – instead of giving myself a rushed 7 minutes, I had indulged and taken a 15 minute shower.  That’s a big needle move for me, the Master of Quick & Efficient.  “I can outwork anyone,” as I like to say.  But now, I must not.

I believe everything happens for a reason…small or big…easy or hard.  The wisdom I seek is: what is it teaching me?

Living in a world of hurry and busy, it’s easy to get caught up and stuck in the matrix. As I embark on a slow down season of life, I encourage you to do the same.  Notice your breathe. Hear your heartbeat. Watch the clouds float. Life is here, in the now.  Let’s not miss it…we’ve done it for too long.

Let’s Win,



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