What are Your distractions?

Hey Moms,

I had the awesome opportunity to see a friend perform live last Sunday.  She’s a singer, a friend from my old church, and a fellow Chicagoan.  One of her songs spoke about distractions…I think the song’s chorus was a “tall glass of distraction”.  The song spoke about what it costs to get sidelined from your purpose and how we can can’t afford to do that.

Then the next day, a friend posted the word in bold, “distraction” on social media and I thought…interesting. And now I just started a book and it stated in the first several pages, “turn away from all detractors and distractions…I pray this book brings clarity to what the unwholesome everyday muddies…let’s expose the lies and distractions and find out who you really are.”  Okay, that’s the third reminder the universe gave me in 24 hours about distractions.

Let’s meditate on this for a moment.

What are your distractions moms? From your best life?  I know we can state the obvious: all of our responsibilities don’t allow us to live fully as ourselves vs. just as moms. But what else?  Let’s see them clearly and assault them.

But I hope that we can, in our scope of control today, take our power back and say no when we ought to, avoid when we ought to, walk away when we ought to and BELIEVE in ourselves and our unique beauty.   

You are enough, in this moment.  You are enough, in this life.  You are enough, right now.  BELIEVE.  And stop participating in the distractions in your life.  

Let’s Win,


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