How To Stay Motivated

Hey Moms,

Some days are just MEH. ?  Whether from the weight of mom-world on your shoulders to the actual world news…some days just require extra work to stay in the game.  When these moments hit, I often think about my old days of playing tennis and how I stayed motivated to win as an athlete.  I try to transfer over those sports secrets to my everyday living.  

How do you stay motivated moms? When you wake up and it just all feels long, slow and not easy?

Well, one thing I do is think about the purpose of this tough time – yes (!) there is purpose.  These moments groom us.  These moments make us who we are.  These are the refining moments.  And no one is exempt from them. Remembering the macro perspective helps us with the micro workload. And the more we can get better at the “bounce back,” we can create a better flow and “rally” in life.  The downs don’t keep us suppressed for too long. 

Another thing I take advantage of, and is easily accessible, is being with nature.  That can be as simple as stepping outside and looking up at the clouds.  Or, even taking a brisk 10-minute walk.  By adding a bit of exercise to the mix, our lovely endorphins (feel-good hormones) can help us get more mojo-juice flowing through our body. Touching soft flowers, listening to the leaves blow in the wind or closing your eyes and letting the sun hit your face, can all give you a dose of Nature’s energy.

Leveraging all senses to get motivated, I also listen to music or podcasts with upbeat and inspiring messages.  Believe it or not, even if you don’t ‘feel’ like you’re in a good mood…listening to ‘good mood’ things can help – energy is contagious.

The good news is, seasons pass.  Life goes on.  Now is certainly not forever.

Hoping you stay all-the-way-UP.

Let’s Win,


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