Day #29 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms,


Day #29 of the #365daysofmomswinning and it’s an amazing day to be alive. Post your Win,tag @momswinning  and use the hashtag to be featured.

My Win of the day was being prepared with glasses to watch the eclipse. My mom had enough foresight last month to buy us some glasses so we were all prepared. She didn’t even buy herself any glasses. What a mom, right? So, today, I was the only one in my office with glasses and of course I shared with everyone. (My mama taught me well). And my kids got to enjoy the moment too from home. As a mom who has been behind the 8ball on lots of things, responsibilities and planning…it felt good today to be prepared. I love when a plan works.

How did you win today? I want to know.

Let’s Win,


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