Day #22 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms,

It’s Day #22 of #365daysofmomswinningand I’m pumped!!! Post your wins, tag @momswinning and use the hash tag #365daysofmomswinning to be featured.

Today’s win is making a house call, to show love to one of my favorite moms. This is my best friend of over 30 years.

To be back home and able to stop by her house for a hug, impromptu ice cream truck social and heart-to-heart check-in is like food for my soul.

We care for our little ones all day and night. But when we can support each other, it’s almost magical.

Taking 10 minutes for her today felt like a big win. I love her so much and supporting other moms feels like a ministry for me. If anyone wants to pay me to make house calls to moms, I will!

What was your Win today? I SO want to hear!! Post and tag me.

Let’s Win,

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