Day #10 of #365daysofmomswinning

By | August 3, 2017

Hey Moms,

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Today’s win is probably one every mom can understand: I didn’t lose my $hit! ??? Simple as that.
You know those days where you feel like you can’t take it…not one more minute….do you know them? ? Do you know those days? ?

For me, I didn’t get enough sleep, so by 3p…I was losing my best self i.e. patience, energy and…you name it…everything else. My littlest nugget was pushing many of my buttons on top of it (lots of pouting and tantrums) and instead of going all the way off….I did what we can all do during our moments…BREATHE and STOP (@qtiptheabstract).

I didn’t allow the inside voice, that was shouting, to come out. Instead, I took my good breathe and just surrendered to the moment..after moment…after moment…after moment…? I spoke at a normal “inside voice” and productively handled each situation.

Was I extremely exhausted by the end of the day – absolutely. Like “3 almonds away from passing out.” Like “bath time and wash their hair in 5 minutes” done. Like “my stomach hurts I’m so tired” over it.

But I made it. And I don’t feel bad for anything that I did or said today. I successfully landed my sanity airplane that was cruising in the sky for a second. ✈️ If you’re day was like that too, throw them up ✌️. We made it mom warriors.

Let’s Win,

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