Day #4 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms,

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Let’s shift the narrative of motherhood. Find the wins everyday, everyway.
Today, I was able to invest 30-minutes into my fitness and wellbeing. I took my mom’s bike out for a spin. Wow! Do you know how many years it took to get here??? Many! ?

I remember one year –  the year I moved to the Bronx – I could only dream of going to my weekly yoga class.  I still had all of baby #2 weight on my body and wasn’t feeling great about it.  Literally, I would just dream about working out.

As a person who used to workout all the time, having less time to do so, was a bit sad for me.  Plus, working out was good for my body AND mind! But my life was R E A L: If I wasn’t working, I was watching the kids.  I didn’t have relief.  Thus, I didn’t have my normal healthy outlet for day-to-day stress.  And that was no bueno!

If you are in a season where things aren’t how you want them, just hang in there.  The season will pass. I promise!  And just remember, you are here because you can get through it.  It’s molding you into a better person and mom.

If I had a clue that life would shift so much (for the good) after my hardest 7 years, I wouldn’t have stressed so much.  But when you’re in it, it feels like forever, right?  Just breathe, meditate and remember now, is just now, not forever.  Affirm to yourself: I GOT THIS!

Thank you for seasons! Now, I can fit in a walk during the workday and today I biked over 7 miles in 30 minutes.  Sure, I would love to workout for an hour a day still…but I’m working with what I have to get what I want.  Right?  You can too!

Oh!!! And I just weighed in and I’m 2.5 pounds from my goal weight!!!  Not that I’m obsessed with the pounds, but as a former athlete, I need data.  So, I am using pounds so I can monitor my progress.

We are winning moms! Find the good today and hashtag #momswinning#365daysofmomswinning.

What we focus on influences how we feel and our lives. ❤️  Sending you love and light!

Let’s Win,
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