Day #2 of #365daysofmomswinning

Hey Moms,

It’s Day #2 of #365daysofmomswinning. Go to the blog and join the movement.

We are celebrating our daily wins, big or small, for the next year! ?

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, well let’s change our lifestyle.

By focusing on the wins, everyday, we create a mind shift for more positive feelings and lives.

Today, I’m trying to get my winning post in early. This morning, when my daughter woke up (too) early, because she was still on CST, I didn’t fall asleep on her while playing. ?

I joined her outside in the patio to bask in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains ?. We talked about the sky, swamplands and being ? sleepy. It felt like I was really present with her.

What’s your win of the day??? Post UP!!! And hashtag #365daysofmomswinning.

Let’s Win,

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