This One Product is the Best Thing for My Sinuses (Giveaway!)

By | April 18, 2017

Hey Moms,

Spring season is here!  Yay!  Maybe like me, you are coming out of a winter hibernation a bit.  It’s time to start putting together a bag full of all-things-children so you are fully prepared for the great outdoors and season of playground tours.  Remember bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a ball go a long way.  

What also happens during spring???  Sinuses love to show UP and show OUT!  I’ve never “had” allergies per se, but some years ago, when living in New York City, I all-of-a-sudden experienced sneezing fits left and right. It was then when I realized sinuses headaches are not fun at all!   

Or how about this one – you get a spring/summer cold!!  What The Heck!?  Can’t we keep the colds with the cold season?  I’m just saying.  And you can probably agree, when mama is down for the count, it’s not good for anyone, ever.  I remember once laying in bed, on a beautiful Saturday day, sick as a dog, and my poor girls had to just sit inside the house, instead of running in the playground across the street.  Well, what can we do, right?   

But seriously, what can we do? Besides eat well, sleep adequately and be in balance…so much so we never get sick, ever?  

Well, for starters, we give up the dream that we won’t ever get sick.  But we work to eat and sleep well, and do all the other goods things to keep our immune system up and running optimally (another post for that).  

After that, we can make sure we have the right medicines and support systems in place to cushion the fall of coming down with a sickness.  

One company that I am in love with right now is Clear My Head.  

Started in 2004 by Brenda Stansfield, a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist & Licensed Massage Therapist, who was just trying to meet the needs of her clients.  I’m just getting into the healing power of aromatherapy, but as a frugal mom who’s trying to live her life like it’s golden, it’s all about finding products that work, that I believe in and provides good VALUE.  Clear My Head products do just that.

Clear My Head firmly believes in healthy products, healthy sales, and healthy communities. They accomplish their corporate goals by using sustainable, organic, and natural ingredients, educating their customers about aromatherapy, and being active and involved in their community. Again, I’m really starting to put my money where my mouth is and investing in companies I believe in and are contributing to a better world.

The exciting part is I’m giving away an entire spa pack of the products detailed below!  Yay!  Click the following link and enter the raffle win!

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CMH Herbal Inhalation

The first product you have to try is the CMH Herbal Inhalation.  This is a product that I just keep on my night stand.  It has a custom blend of seven pure essential oils and all natural herbs.

Herbal Inhalation helps open sinuses, inhibits airborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses) and can reduce secondary infections. There are two ways you can use this product: 1) inhale 5-7 times or 2) add to cup/bowl of hot water, put a towel over your head, and breathe in for 5-10 minutes.  I’m serious moms, this stuff works!  And it feels so much more natural than taking medicines to help clear up the congestion.  When used as suggested, CMH Herbal Inhalation can last up to 2 years and the scent won’t linger on you.

Clear My Head To Go

This cute little roll on STAYS in my purse at all times!  I roll it on under my nose and temples when I need help with congestion or just a boost of energy.  I love it! It’s a convenient liquid version of Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation. It has the same signature blend of essential oils as Clear My Head desktop.

The economical and convenient roll-on ensures you’ll get the right amount every time. It uses all natural and effective ingredients. Simply apply to sinus areas as needed for quick relief for congestion and for a boost to your immune system. These .35 ounces of quality Jojoba oil and pure essential oils have a long shelf life and will not go rancid.

Clear My Head Linen Mist

Another product that stays on my night stand is the linen mist.  I LOVE IT!  As moms, we need to take our sleep quality seriously – set the mood, create the environment and enjoy good restful sleep.  Clear My Head Linen Mists bring the spa experience home. Created with pure essential oils, alcohol & paraben free. Simply shake well and spritz . Use on sheets, pillow cases, towels, yoga mats, drapes, soft furnishings, and in the air as a room freshener.  I use it on my kids’ sheets and my pillowcases the most!  

‘Balmy Relief’ Natural Lip Balm

Lastly, and most certainly not least, is the ‘Balmy’ Relief Natural Lip Balm.  You know how it is, right?  You have a cold and your lips and under nose area are chapped and sore.  Or you just need good nourishment for your lips daily running around with all of our mom errands.  What makes Balmy Relief Lip Balm so special?

The all natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients to start! A luscious combination of Soy & Beeswax and oils of Coconut, Hemp and Meadowfoam – enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E for extra smoothness that leave your lips incredibly soft and kissable.

Next, it’s enriched with a blend with pure essential oils of juicy Grapefruit, refreshing Spearmint and nurturing Rose Geranium (our secret ingredient for optimal lip health, that helps combat chapped lips and dryness). Doesn’t that just sound delightful?!  Perfect all year round, you won’t want to be without this superior healing balm from Clear My Head.

Moms, you know I love to find products that provide excellent value for you and the household.  Enough of buying cheap things and getting cheap quality.  Take care of you and your family with Clear My Head and keep your wellness in check.   

Let’s Win,


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