Win with Dr. Bronner’s in a Greener and Healthier life

Hey Moms,

I don’t know about you but I often find myself so consumed in mothering duties, I can barely get a handle on larger global initiatives I care about.  For example, climate change is a large concern for me, but I sometimes feel limited in the ways I can create change from my living room floor, watching two kids dance and throw their toys everywhere.  Anyone feel me? ?

Pre-kids, I had all the time in the world to devote my time, now what I realize is my greatest resource, to movements that motivated me like mentoring, volunteering and..ya know, partying ! Ha ! Kidding…but not kidding – I spent a lot time “hanging with the homies.”  (No judgement – I know I’m not alone. ?)   I volunteered with an alternative sports mentoring group and was even a youth leader at church.  Time was on my side to just give, give, give.

But post-kids, my L I F E is only K I D S and everything related to momlife. Isn’t yours?  Heck, that’s how I got here, writing a blog, though I never really enjoyed writing or thought of myself as a good writer. I’m more gifted at “speaking” and sharing stories. Math and sports were more my strengths in school.  But leave it to kids to push us outside of our comfort zones, right? ?

If you know me, you know I rest on the positive side of obstacles more times than not.  And this thought of how to contribute globally, from my beautifully dirty kitchen, stuck with me until I found some tangible solutions.  All it takes is one small change to start a momentum in the right, and greener, direction.  ?

I’m excited that I discovered one simple way my family and I can lead a greener life: by using Dr. Bronners castile soap.  Their products are all certified Fair Trade and Organic Ingredients. Can we just stop there?!  ALL their products!  How awesome is that!?

I first learned about Dr. Bronner’s from my friend’s boyfriend.  We were all shopping in Whole Foods one day and he was on the hunt to find the Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, peppermint scent.  He said he doesn’t use anything else for his body and waist-length hair dreads.  Yes, people ! You heard me ! A man completely hooked on the greatness of a soap?  That was endorsement enough for me to try it out.  

After seeing the higher price, than what I am used to for a soap, I passed at the first opportunity to purchase.  But came back after payday,  and I’m telling you, I haven’t looked back since. Read below on why.

Greener How?

  1. By not using harsh chemicals in the products, that means less harsh chemicals in our sewage system and in our babies mouths!  I started this clean green journey when I knew my little ones would be crawling all over the floor.  
  2. By streamlining house cleaning products, from 5 products to 1, this means less waste (empty plastic bottles) in our landfills;  
  3. And lastly, by investing in a company that holds a global green philosophy, we as consumers are putting our money where our mouth is and influencing market demand to better reflect a conscious planet.

Check Out Their Documentary

If you want to learn more about the Dr. Bronner’s family business and philosophy, there’s even a documentary on Netflix called Dr. Bronner’s.  I watched the movie and that’s when I realized this company is serious about it’s mission and how they want their products to positively heal the world.  That’s a brand I can get behind !  You do the research too.  Investigate for yourself.   

The Dr. Bronner’s Soap

Now on to the good stuff!!!  The actual products.  I was first introduced to the castile soap of Dr. Bronner’s, the Peppermint kind.  I bought some for myself and my skin felt absolutely soft afterwards.  Like, completely different.  

Of course I had the babies on my mind and shortly discovered they have a baby mild version….. I WAS DONE !!!  That was like a prayer answered.  My babies, one with eczema at the time, totally enjoyed, and still do to this day, the Baby Mild version.  And I have to admit, I love knowing that I am using a great product and brand on the skin of my most valuable possessions.  Tip: I usually buy the mini-sized bottle of baby Bronner’s soap and just refill using the Dr. Bronner’s large bottle.  This way, the kids can grab the smaller bottle and use it on their own to wash themselves up! Self-sufficiency! 

They even have a Tea Tree soap that works great for body acne and a Sal Suds that I absolutely live by in cleaning everywhere in my house.  Moms, you must buy the Sal Suds and just love your greener life afterwards.  I use it to clean the tub before “bath time” and to mop my floors with just a couple drops of peppermint oil.  It’s a MUST!  

The Dr. Bronner’s Toothpaste

I’m really exploring the fluoride-free life and Dr. Bronner’s offers a cinnamon flavored toothpaste.  After using it, my mouth felt refreshed and my teeth looked thoroughly cleaned.  It’s a thumbs up from me!

The Dr. Bronner’s Balm

This is my new jam!  Cute, convenient and effective!  Throw in your diaper bag, purse or keep in your car.  It’s better than lugging bottles of oil or lotion around with you and it’s better for the little faces that need it.

The stress relief with lavender is great for your temples and under your nose.  It offers a soothing scent that is great for mindfulness and health.  Great for keeping on your nightstand to use before bed.

They even have a baby mild (no-scent) version which is perfect for an on-the-go fix for children’s rough spots like under the nose during a cold or on the face during wintertime.  It’s easy to open and the kids can even help themselves to it.

I haven’t solved the world’s major problems, but I feel like I’m at closer to the right side of the movement.  I’m using products with better ingredients; I’m using less products and; I’m spending money with a company that is actually working on creating a greener planet.  Small steps moms…small steps.

Let’s Win,


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