Top 3 Reasons to Go to The Great Girlfriends Conference This Year

By | February 28, 2017

Hey Moms,

Life is all about experiences.  People may not remember what you said all the time, but they certainly remember how you made them feel.  When I was living in New York City, I would take my daughters’ birthdays off from work so that we could “do” something together, and our experience would be my gift to them.

Think back over your life: if you were to plot on a map, the first 20 years of your life, what data points would you write about? I imagine, good or bad, it would be the “experiences” you remember.  Not the exact words or location, but the feeling you felt.

Heck, that’s why certain performers are rated “the best” because they don’t just sing or dance for you…they provide you an “experience” worth $300 a ticket (or something like that).

Even professionally, I see my work as a master trainer/facilitator, as one of providing experiences for my clients.  Like any good teacher, I don’t just try to push out curriculum or information, I curate content so that it “feels” like something for the audience member.  

Last year, I got a great opportunity to attend The What Women Want Conference in NYC hosted by The Great Girlfriends, and it was in one word: inspiring.  It was a personal and professional enhancing experience that makes me want to return to again this year.  

Please note: mark your calendars for June 15-17, 2017 in New York City for the What Women Want Conference (WWWC)!  This 3-day experience is a must for all women looking to grow to their greatest selves.

Why was last year great for me?

Reason #1: Location, location, location

For starters, the location was hip, motivating and comfortable.  Have you ever attended workshops or conferences in an old, cold and stale building that is totally uninspiring?  Ugh.  Not cute, right?  Of course, you make the best out of it and collect your wisdom of the day, but it’s not the “total” look, right?  Well, last year, the WWWC was situated in a swanky We Work building directly across the street from Bryant Park.  The edifice had a mammoth spiral staircase, luscious purple curtains and charming ceiling-to-floor windows.  The place was a workshop’s dream come true.  Plus, for lunch we skipped across the street and had a picnic in the park…total New York City experience.  

Reason #2: Content is everything

Another reason why I enjoyed the WWWC ‘16 was because the content was like no other.  This wasn’t just a 3-day conference of talking heads and boring speeches.  Friday kicked off with a shopping party at the historic 34th street Macy’s flagship store.  There was a dj, there were drinks, there was shopping – done, done and done!

And that’s just the way to start a conference right, with a party!  

It was a networking mingle, yes, but without the stiffness and discomfort.  

Saturday was the core data day with panel discussions, workshops and breakout sessions.  Michelle Thornton was one of my highlights: she’s a dynamic high-energy speaker and her presentation on being strategic with your life goals was totally on-point.  

Another speaker highlight for me was hearing from Mimi G and Tieko about their business and best friendship.  They totally kept it “real” on how they met, decided to become partners and what keeps them together, doing good work.

It’s good to see successful strategies from women who have done this before us.

And of course I can’t forget the workshop dance party with DJ Olivia Dope.  We literally stopped what we were doing and started dancing all over any floor space we could find.  Yes ladies, that’s how to insert a winning conference energy booster.  There was no after-lunch slump.  

The finale last year was a relaxing Sunday, brunching and doing all the tourist things in New York City.  I like that the GGs get that the weekend needs to be an experience, and folks want to see The Big Apple.

Reason #3: New girlfriends!

One of the coolest part about this conference was that I got to meet people up close and personal.  Some friends I only knew via social media, and it was delightful to get to spend in-person time with them.  Others, I just met that day and have stayed friends ever since.  This is a touchpoint: a real in-person experience to be surrounded with like minded individuals.  You have to plant yourself in the spaces that will help you grow.  

This year, the WWWC will surely surpass expectations again.  I’m excited to participate!  This year’s theme is building bridges..from “me” to “we.”  Friday night starts out again with a mixer and a new added feature, a Great Girlfriend Award -yay!  That’s exciting.  Saturday will be jam packed with goodness.  I’m eager to hear the panel on Business and Friendships…that’s always an interesting topic, right?  There is also another discussion on Self Love and Self Care – so needed for us as women.  Sunday will be a tourism finale with a soul brunch in the historic Harlem neighborhood followed by sightseeing and kayaking in the Hudson River (one of my favorite things to do!).  

Moms, it would be fun to break away from the family for the weekend and pour into yourself.  You will walk away inspired and restored.  Or bring the family with and make it a Big Apple experience for everyone.  It’s worth it.  Whether just you, or everyone, it will be an experience to remember.  And that’s what makes living fun…our experiences, right?  

As a master workshop facilitator myself, I give this conference my stamp of approval and know you will have a wonderful time attending.  It is an experience that you will remember and hold onto in the years to come.  It will nourish you personally and professionally.  

Today is the last day for early bird pricing…only $197 for the entire weekend of fun.  Go to and register now!

Now, your turn moms: what do you like to get out of workshop/conference experiences?  What’s the best ones you have ever attended?  

I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s Win,


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