Kids Dream Big with NEW Once Upon A Castle Exhibit 

Hey Moms,

If we are being honest, the weekends aren’t always fun or the 2 days of the week we look forward to. At times, being “on” all day, for 48 hours straight, after working a full week of work, can seem like quite the task.

I clearly remember my old co-workers always wishing me great weekends, and I’d say to myself, they just don’t get it. It’s not a break!  At least, not for me it wasn’t.

Safe to say, things have really turned around in my favor. The kids a bit older now…I don’t have two diapers to change or two bottles to make anymore. And I’m closer to home which makes a day and night difference in the level of support I get with my kids.

In either scenario, finding a “good” thing to do on the weekend is clutch when you know it’s just you, the kids and 48 hours.

For me, I always had to find things to do that would be fun for the kids…but most importantly: wouldn’t stress me out!!!

If I’m keeping it totally transparent, some parties, events, social things would be so much work for me. They would leave me tired, overwhelmed and not my best self.  That’s assuming I even ventured out of the house after getting everyone ready.

With all that said, and this is with years of experience now, I’m a good critic of kid friendly things to do that doesn’t drive parents nuts.

Over the weekend, we had a blast at The Chicago Children’s Museum, getting a sneak peak of their new exhibit Once Upon a Castle. It’s where fairy tales come to life.

Firstly, there are wooden structures designed as castles that the kids can climb, crawl under and play at an elevated height. There’s still enough room for parents to sit back and keep on eye on the kids. Win #1.

Secondly, a lot of thought was put into the play food and dress up clothes. My kids loved the glammed up sequined “potatoes” and lamé based crowns and capes. This is stuff that is definitely not in the average home reservoir, thus adding an enhanced experience for the kiddos. Win #2.

Lastly, the layout is spacious, overlooking the lake and the exhibit is short and sweet.  There’s more to the museum than this exhibit and we still had energy for it all after hitting this great nugget. Win #3.

Beyond the exhibit, there is so much more fun to be had. This place is definitely worth a membership.

We traveled the to lego area where we built our own house structure. The girls got to work with real tools, bolts and nuts. I love that they got exposure to this type of work.

Then there is the phenomenal water works station where the kids can get lost for hours. I just love how families can pick up rain coats and let there kids get way more wet than usually allowed at home. Plus, they have a dryer for shoes and clothes afterwards. I mean, they have thought through everything!

We finished things up with the tinkering lab where the girls got free time to bang hammers and build with actual nails and wood. They loved it. I was a bit nervous. Again, this is good exposure…and everyone kept their fingers.

Other note worthy spots: fire station, crawling tunnel and giant dominos play areas.  There is enough space to sit privately with your child should their be a meltdown, kid-sized toilets and sinks in the restrooms and only 2 levels, so making a mad dash to the exit with a crying kid is totally feasible.

This place is a hit for sure. I usually like to escape places at the 1.5 hour mark, mostly because my max is reached. But we stayed a whooping 3 hours and I still was in a good mood.  I even splurged on a few Peppa Pig ring pops at the musuem store on the way out.

Plan a visit soon!

Let’s Win,


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