Creating New Family Traditions [ Finding Love in New Spaces ]


Hey Moms,

The holidays, the holidays…so many feelings come up during the holiday season.  Some good, others not so good.  And, the feelings variate from year to year depending on people, circumstances, life events etc.  It’s safe to say the holiday season doesn’t always mean a stress-free love fest, right?  Something for your consideration: at any point in time, you have the power to recreate your life, including traditions and what feels like annual obligations.


For example, for the past 7 years, I lived far away from family and would often not be home for the holiday season (that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve for me).  It was very difficult at times.  I couldn’t afford to buy 3 full-priced tickets to travel back home so that I can be home for the holidays.  It was down right depressing at times.  But with time, prayer and openness, I found new ways to find love during the holidays, even if I couldn’t be with family or afford many gifts.  I did some personal reflecting and found that the magic of the holiday season starts within me.  (See Hello Holidays: 4 Ways to Get Over The Holiday Blues and how I was able to find the warm fuzzy feeling inside though miles away from home.)  The season is not about the gift receiving and maxing out your credit cards. It’s about the love within…and sharing it…showcasing it.


This year, I’m lucky enough to be home for the holidays, with my mom and stepdad visiting.  We are planning some older traditions like dinner on Christmas Eve with the entire family.  Additionally, we are starting new traditions like a visit to Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier.  What better spot to bask in the winter wonder than a beautifully located child-friendly city attraction?  Sounds like fun for adults and kids: win-win!


First, Chicago Children’s Museum is a great location to get a good look at this magically city, located right at the lakefront on Chicago’s historic Navy Pier.  You get to see the skyline, water and winter lights.


Second, it’s a place that not only is kid-friendly but is especially designed for children and their imaginations –winning!  I mean, come on, how many times have you tried to plan holiday activities that aren’t good for kids?  It never leads to stress-free times.  For our visit, we are looking forward to Winter Scenes, which combines colors and snow…sounds fun, and the Snow Globe Party, the name alone is a winner.



Lastly, Chicago Children’s Museum is nestled among a host of other fun attractions like the Navy Pier ferris wheel, ice skating and a list of yummy restaurants.  So after the kids ‘shake their sillies out’, the entire family can turn the corner to other fun things to do.  It’s a win all the way around, especially for my out-of-towner family members.


I’ll update you on our visit and let you know how it goes.  Pictures to come.  We are trying something new this season, and so should you!

Comment below and let me know what fun new traditions you are trying with your family.  Remember the magic of the season starts within.

Let’s Win,


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