I Just Called To Say ‘I Love You’ [call 3 people]


Hey Moms,

Today…really TODAY…shift your energy.  Be a catalyst for change.  ✌️

This week was hard for many.  So, what do we do now? ?

Well, there are many ways we can be more involved in our communities and politics.  There’s definitely more work to do there. ✊

Another way you can shift your feelings closer to “love” today is by simple giving it. ?  And it’s so easy and highly accessible.  You don’t need a huge Habitat For Humanity project to make a difference today, though I love those events and you can sign me up for them.


Today, you can pick up the cell phone you’re using right now and call three random friends and/or family members and just say “I love you.” ?

Really, I’m totally serious.  Call someone and when they say “hello…,” you say “Hi (insert name) I’m just calling to say I LOVE YOU.”  ?

Call a friend, your mom, someone across the globe…just with the intention of pouring love into their life today for 30 seconds.  You will send a domino effect of goodness into the world.

This week I did this activity and I went even further and said they were “gems of the earth” and “I was blessed to call them friend.”  You don’t have to be extra like me ? but just the gesture of calling someone without agenda and the purpose of giving love is POWERFUL.


By doing this simple activity today, you switch gears from “DO” to “GIVE.”  And that’s what we need in the world today…right now.

We all need to “hit the streets” and take it over with LOVE.  It starts right now and can be as simple as a phone call.  Not a text or status update…CALL on the phone…you know, old-school. ?

Photo on 9-12-15 at 7.02 PM #4

And the really magic in this movement is how YOU feel after you give love.  You will be left with a feeling of abundance, warmth and positivity.  So this is how you are a catalyst for change…not just in someone else’s life but yours as well.

Call 3 People Right Now!  Say “I LOVE YOU.”

Let’s Win,


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