Your Manifest Assignment Today! [ I’m back…]


Hey Moms!


Geez! I haven’t posted in what feels like forever!  Well…a lot has changed!  I have good reason to have been away for so long.  Trust me.

Hopefully my writing has improved during my sabbatical and you will find less grammatical errors.  If not, just continue to forgive me and let’s be merry!


The BIG news is I’ve moved!  Back home! To Chicago!

There’s so much to say on “why” I moved but that will be a separate post.

What I want you to know today is: YOU MUST MAKE THE TIME TO DREAM.  Your assignment today is to spend at the very least 60 seconds on your best life.  Even if you feel like you have it already, or even if you feel like you might not ever reach it, you MUST make the time to visualize your best life.

It’s a MUST.


Today I live in an apartment I manifested YEARS ago while sitting in a personal life pit.  It was in that valley that I found the power of my mind to get myself out of tough circumstances.  I couldn’t change much about my real environment at the time, but I learned how to change my perspective…and that was everything.  (Read: How Gratitude Saved My Life)

Now back to this apartment…and it’s not JUST the apartment that is great…the neighborhood is wonderful, the girls’ school is great, my life is simple and easy, laundry and dishes don’t feel like the huge burden they once did: it’s literally everything I manifested.  Am I’m not saying things are perfect – nothing is.  But what I just personally witnessed was life giving me what I asked for.


And the power point here is that I wasn’t sure exactly how my visions were going to manifest but they did!

My note to you today is simple: It is our duty as dreamers, visionaries and moms to use one of our most powerful tools, our mind, and visualize our best lives.  We have to take the power back from social media, TV, the outside world, in telling us what’s important.  Do we really need to see another burger commercial run across our screens and absorb 45 seconds of our lives that could be better spent on visualization?

Your assignment today: 60 seconds of uninterrupted visualizing – GO!

Let’s Win,


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