Run. Tell. That. [ Blessings All Around ]

By | July 28, 2016

Hey Moms,

It’s been a week now since my return from Chicago and my energy is still on high.  There was lots of magic ? in Chicago…I’ll post on that later…that really helped me figure some things out. ?

One of the fun things about my trip home to Chicago was witnessing all the “signs” from universe…showing me love all around.  Not to sound all hoaky but basically I would meet people, have conversations and witness things that would steer me in a direction or make me think of something in particular.


Since I’ve been back in New York City, I continue to “feel the love” from the universe.  For instance, today, I went to yoga, had a great class and popped my head into my neighborhood Starbucks on my way home.  I bumped into my favorite bartista who shares a similar interest in documentaries and learning how to eat and live right.  We discussed our latest findings on healthy living and the importance of making smart choices, when she offered to cover my smoothie.  I thought, “That was nice!  An unexpected gift.”  After we chit-chatted some more, I thanked her for my drink and continued on with my day.


Yesterday something else magical happened: I was gifted with 7 pairs of shoes.  Four pairs were Nike Air Max gym shoes and the other three were UGGs. ?  If I were to have bought these shoes on my own, I would have spent well over $700. Now that’s something isn’t it? Again, what a great surprise!


And that’s what happened just in the last two days!  As I walked home and sipped on my smoothie, I reflected on how the universe loves me…and loves you too.  Even though I’m not where I want to be, in so many ways, but I’m working hard towards my best life.  I’m embracing every challenge and fighting to live as my optimal self.  I suppose it helps that I intentionally look for the good in life.  I consistently try to see the positive side of things and pull more good energy into my world.  Even if I’m a mess or things are chaotic.

That’s my hope for you today: that you feel love from the universe, even in the midst of struggle.  It certainly helps me to keep going on this journey.

Be well moms.

Let’s Win,


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