I Think I Found My(self) A Cheerleader [ Fight. Fight. Fight to Live Greatly ]

By | July 31, 2016


Hey Moms,

Have you ever cheer-leaded before? You know, pom-poms with some choreographed stepping?  I used to be a cheer co-captain back in elementary school…what I wouldn’t give to see a picture of us back then. ?

What I love about cheering is the contagious energy from cheerer to audience.  Cheerleaders can really get the crowd hype, right?  Whether it be a half-time show or the final minutes of a game, cheerleaders are catalysts for sports culture (outside of the athletes themselves).

In life, I feel we could really use this same “cheerleading” burst of energy in our daily lives..you know when we are wearing all the hats and feeding all the mouths.?  Our cheers keep us focused like in a game, “DE-FENSE” or “Win, Win, Win.”  Essentially, cheering activates mantras for how we want things to transpire.  This can be used in all facets of life.


For instance, last Tuesday I was on my way to yoga and was totally interrupted by someone who wanted my attention.  I was about to sit with myself for 90 minutes of meditation, even before eating breakfast, to get my zen on, and I was jolted by an interference.  If I stopped what I was doing and diverted my attention towards this person’s efforts, I would have officially been distracted from my life priorities.  Might I add, it’s taken me a LONG time to get where I am today.  Four years ago, I didn’t have the money, time or energy to EVER go to yoga…thank God today is different.

Now back to the story: I was actually feeling really good that morning too, proud of myself for making the time for my health and wellness.  I knew a year ago, how I would have reacted: I would have stopped my life and dealt with the individual head on.  I would have reacted to the situation.  There are many reasons why I would have done that, mostly because I was running on survival mode and that bred a lot of raw emotions for me daily.  There wasn’t much of a buffer between me and life.

But this year, this season, this month, week and day…I was different.  My priority was myself, wellness and not to allow someone else’s emergency become my top priority.  Here’s where the cheerleading comes in: the cheer said to me: “fight! fight! fight!”  But not like fight against someone, but fight to live…and live greatly.


We must recommit ourselves daily to our best lives.  And that means many things, I know, but in this story, it meant stopping all distractions away from my best life, no matter who was presenting them.  It means fighting for mental sanity, energy protection and spiritual guidance.

This quote by Alex Elle says it best: “Ignore people who threaten your joy.  Literally, ignore them.  Say nothing.  Don’t invite any parts of them into your space.”


Now I grew up believing that any issue could be resolved with the right words, tone and inflection.  But over the past 5 years or so, I’ve learned different.  Not all things can be resolved with a conversation.  Sometimes you have to sit on your hands and quiet your mouth and let the universe work it’s magic with the belief that it’s for your good.

And as a cheerleader of your life, you set the routines, practice your moves and cheer your heart out for your best life.  The cheer focuses your intentions and keeps you on track to win the game.  And as you cheer, a distraction will be ignored.

Fight for your best life moms.  Find your cheerleader.

Let’s Win,


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