On BLAB Live Chat This Week… M O M S and M O N E Y !


Hey Moms,

Monday night’s BLAB was GGGRRREEEAAATTTT! Moms & Money is definitely a topic we need to discuss on the regular.

You can check out the replay HERE.

Aj Mac of Principles of Increase and Aisha Taylor of FNPhenomenal really did an outstanding job of offering financial insight and winning strategies. I loved that we had 4 cities represented in one live chat.

Here are 3 gems from our live chat:
1) start with the end in mind: visualize yourself where you want to be financially; what are you doing, how are you feeling…etc. This will provide clarity and motivation to change daily habits.

2) automate: not only does automation make life easier but it also keeps you accountable to your goals

3) think less about credit score and more about net worth….boom!

Let’s Win,

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