Go See Mo Willems Exhibit @ The NYHS! Top 5 Reasons Why


Hey Moms,

If you live or are visiting the NYC area soon, you must check out the new Mo Willems exhibit at The New York Historical Society. It’s so sweet!

If you don’t know who Mo Willems is…you’re not alone. I wasn’t schooled on this talented artist-author until last year by my 5-year-old daughter.


But once I looked into his book collections, I instantly fell in love. The art is simple, cute and creative. The content is funny…like make ME, the adult, laugh funny and not too over-the-kids heads funny.  Throughout a Mo Willems book, you and your kids will be giggling together at humor that is age appropriate and safe. It’s fun when the comedy speaks to all generations.


But back to this exhibit (!), it is definitely well put together and achievable within an hour of time. There’s an audio tour option which I think is cool and a Mosuem (get it? Instead of musuem) gift shop with ALL of Mo’s book collections. I didn’t even know this man had so many books! Wow!


Here are my top 5 reasons to pack a bag and head to the NYHS for the Mo Willems exhibit:

1) Kids’ exposure to the artistry of book making: there is a video available for viewing on an iPad that shows the process of Mo making a book from concept to final draft. This is cool! I think it’s important for kids to see how they too can become artists and authors.


2) Kids’ excitement of a specialized Mo Williems exhibit: kids don’t just wake up wanting to go to the museums. We, as parents, model the way with our own excitement to learn new things and they follow our lead. But then there are cool and interesting exhibits like this one that get kids excited to go.  It’s an easy sell.

3) The NYHS is way less crowded than other museums – winning! I’ve had some terrible times with toddlers in museums. So much so that I won’t go back. If it’s a crowded museum, with a popular exhibit and without the proper staffing to support all the parental involvement (aka when parents get into arguments over there not being any more face masks for their kids)…I’m out! This place is not that. I would totally come back to NYHS for more.


4) The exhibit is doable in less than an hour.  Enough said!  Kids do best in 45 minutes increments.  Heck, even adults do best that way!  Beyond that, keeping kids from running around is a little unrealistic, don’t you think?

5) The museum is across from Central Park so play dates and picnics are totally feasible afterwards.  You see, we have to plan the trip all the way through.  After a museum, kids still just want to run around.  That’s possible right away with just a quick walk across the street.


All and all, this is an easy win of a trip. Accessible by train (B/C train get off at 81st stop). If you know me, you know I’m all about less is more. I don’t like to take on more than I can manage.

Start making a list for summer activities and put this spot on it. Exhibit runs until September 25. Adults are $20, kids 5-13 are $6 and those 4 and under are FREE.  Visit HERE for more information.

Let’s Win,


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