Give the Best Gift to Your Children with a Lost My Name Book

Hey Moms,
My youngest daughter turned 5 last month…did you hear me?  5 ! ! !  This is BIG news.  When my first daughter turned 5, I celebrated MY 5 years of “making it” as a new mom.  Now that my baby has become an official “big girl”, this is a real turning moment for us.
Every birthday, I try to do something special for my daughters.  My intent is to take the day off from work and create an experience that they remember.  Something unique and one-of-a-kind.
This year, my gift to my youngest daughter was something special and perfect for my little pudding pie.  She is sassy, comedic and loves books.  I came across a new book company called Lost My Name where parents can create a one-of-a-kind personalized book about finding a child’s name. I immediately thought “CUTE!”
I did a little more research on the company and was excited to learn about how awesome the staff is and loves to encourage children’s imagination and sharing happiness with children all over the world.
Coming from a business background, I love finding out about the people and leadership of an organization I am going to support and put my hardworking dollars behind.  I definitely give Lost My Name my (heart) stamp of approval.  They rock!
I immediately ordered a book for my little spit-fire turning 5 and let me tell you….when she received her book…she was in love!  She commented on how well the book was made and how pretty all the pictures were – she’s my little miss fancy pants.  She believes that someone painted every page just for her (I’ll let her keep that one).
My daughter loved how the girl in the book looked similar to her (I picked that out-mom win!) She also loved how with each turn of a page, she received new letters to the “mystery” name revealed in the story.  By the end of the book, she was truly in love with her new gem of a birthday present.
Moms, you must check this book company out and design a book for your child.  Do it today!  I promise, you (and your child/ren) will love it.
Check them out here.
Let’s Win,

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