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By | May 9, 2016

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Hey Moms,

Last week was a fun week.  It was the first week back after spring break and the time away seemed to help with my mental health.  I was more calm and less anxious about the daily routines and responsibilities of life.  I was able to stay more present with my kids and enjoy our moments (and laughs) together.  More about the benefits of a break in another post.

Another thing that was exciting about last week, was my feature on The Great Girlfriends podcast.  If you don’t know about this podcast, you HAVE to check it out.  My two friends Brandice Daniel and Sybil Amuti teamed up together to offer the world a podcast devoted to empowering women.  They have over 21,000 listeners and are in over 60+ countries over the world.  How amazing is that?!

I was asked to talk on the topic of motherhood with my friend Latoyia Dennis who runs A Chance to Learn and The Motivated Moms Tour.  We got together for an hour and shared our stories.  I feel like we all have a story to share and there is power in telling it so that it helps others.  Please check out the recording and let me know what you think.

Click HERE to listen.

Let’s Win,



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