This Week on BLAB: It’s Okay Not to Be a Perfect Mom

By | March 23, 2016

Let's Talk Goals-9

Hey Moms,

Every Monday night I host Monday Night Live with Moms Winning.  Our weekly topics involve everything mom life related.  This is the first month of our live chats and they are going well.

All you need is a twitter account and you can sign in and live chat with us.  What I love about BLAB is that there are 4 screens for callers to share a video stream and everyone else is in the chat “room” and can watch and comment on the side.  It’s like virtually being in a room having a conversation with folks.  Cool!


This week we discussed the topic of being the perfect mom.  Do you know something about that?

We first realized that it’s quite natural for us, as people, to self-compare.  We do it all the time.  from this we try harder to be better and attain perfection.  This is something that if left unregulated can lead to self-inflicted tough times.

Then once motherhood gets added in the mix, things get way more serious.  Now it’s not just about us being a perfect person who has it all together, it’s about being a MOM who is perfect and has it all together.  OH THE PRESSURE.  Have you ever felt this pressure?  Not only is it hard enough learning how to keep a little person breathing and alive, we add in the pressure of needing to do it perfectly.

What me and the callers determined as some symptoms of living for perfection are:

  • constant exhaustion,
  • frustration,
  • impatience,
  • depression and
  • unhappiness.

Instead of enjoying this new journey of motherhood, we are too overly stressed to love our new life.


Some ways we discussed to combat this idea of perfection are to:

  1. let it go,
  2. breathe,
  3. forgive yourself,
  4. set more realistic expectations and
  5. affirm yourself when unproductive thoughts creep in.

We are so hard on ourselves as women and moms especially.  We are human, we will make mistakes.  The kids will watch us make mistakes and that’s okay.  We are suppose to be teaching them how to walk through life, learning from mistakes.

It’s okay if the house isn’t clean or you had to order take out…are the kids alive, fed and clothed?  Then count it has a win.  We often, create our own misery from our own expectations.  As society or social media don’t help.  Reeducate yourself and put yourself on a technology diet if you have to, but change your thoughts and behaviors so that you live a more enjoyable and pleasant life.

Let it go mom.  We are all imperfect.  You are winning whether you think so are not.

Let’s Win,


What are your thoughts on this topic?  Please share with your friends…let’s build our community.

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