The Power of Resurrection in Your Life

By | March 27, 2016


Hey Moms,

Today many people celebrate Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday to some, across the globe. As the story goes: on the third day, Jesus rose from the dead.  Even if you aren’t a believer, or you have another faith, there is a consistent power across religions, faiths and spiritualities…and that is the resurrecting power of YOUR life!


This weekend I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with a few girlfriends and we discussed some hard times I experienced over the past 6 years. They even caught me on a day when my emotions were bubbling due to monthly friend (wink wink) and I was more emotional than I usually let myself be.  I just cried my way through my story.


As we reviewed the low spaces not only of my life, but others too, I realized we all have the power within us to resurrect: to come back from dark and non-life promoting places.

The dark times past. The hard moments diminish. The pain subsides. The pressure lifts.

As the saying goes, trouble don’t last always…joy comes in the morning.


I’m sure if you were to look back over your life in this moment, there have been some shaky moments. Some times when you weren’t sure of the outcome. Times when all you could do was rely on your faith or hope.

And look at you now. You are still here. You are still standing. Your light still shines. Your heart still beats. You soul still glows. You are alive and with purpose.


Hard times come but they don’t last always. Your life has the power to resurrect. Know it. Embrace it. Believe it.

So when the next challenge pops up or the next set back drops in…just remember your power within.  Now is not forever.

Sending you love and light.

Let’s Win,


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