No Love Like a Mama’s Love: 4 Ways My Soul Was Fed This Week

By | February 21, 2016


Hey Moms,

I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been busy running around with life as you can relate.  The kids and I have been off all this week with my mom visiting from the West Coast.  And let me tell you — there is nothing like having an entire week off with your kids.  Coming from the 9-5 world, it’s a lot less stressful to have long breaks throughout the school year versus forcing my total relaxation into 2 weeks of annual leave.  This feels like winning to me….but don’t forget I took a hefty pay cut for this flexible schedule.


Having my mom visit strategically during a vacation week was awesome too and a true win!  This way I wouldn’t get too crazy entertaining my kids all day and night especially since it’s still winter and there is limited outdoor recreation.  This week really helped me relax and nourish my soul.


I’ve been fortunate to have a great mom.  I know it’s not like that for everyone.  She has always meant the world to me and continues to show up for me in life with every phase of my evolution.  But it wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I realized how much this woman has done for me!  And I don’t even know the half, I just have a better educated guess now that I’m in my own trenches of motherhood.


In early motherhood stages, another mother’s presence is truly appreciated.  Motherhood is a vulnerable time when all guards are torn off and a woman meets her limits and crosses into new unchartered territory.  During this time, to have someone, like a mom, present allows one to feel “held up” even in weak moments.


The visit this week with my mom was probably the most relaxed I’ve ever been over the past 6+ years.  I’ve had my head in the game long enough now to get a little swag with my mothering and know how to chill…at least just a little.  You wouldn’t have wanted to see me 6 years ago….eek!


Below are the ways I appreciated my mother’s presence this week and her visit fed my soul:

  1. Mamas just get it — you know when your daughter tries to wrestle you at a restaurant and accidentally makes you spill your coffee in your lap…everything in you wants to scream…you don’t even have to say anything to your mother across the table…she understands your frustration and subsequent strong voice and just looks to help and get behind how ever you want to proceed.  Mamas just know, they’ve been there. No words necessary.
  2. Mamas are the wife you don’t have — just the fact that I can hear the dishes being washed in the kitchen from the living room is like winning the lottery.  You mean I don’t have to magically wash the dishes and the kids at the same time while prepping dinner??? Wow.
  3. Mamas love your kids like no other — don’t even worry when grandma is around!  She wants to play EVERY board game with the kids, hear EVERY question and read EVERY book the children suggest.  She’s trying to make up for lost time…which equals FREE time for mommy to catch up on O Magazine reading…finally!
  4. Mamas share their wisdom — it’s fun to hear mothers reflect on how they think they raised you versus your experience.  Some memories they remember as hard or feel guilty about, may not have left a scar at all.  Additionally, it’s always a prime time to listen when an older mother speaks, it’s a good time to hear solid reflections on life and raising children.


Moms, my disclaimer here is that I know not all moms are the same and daughter-mother relationships aren’t all alike.  I’ve been fortunate to have my mom.  I pray that your soul is fed in one way or another, because we all need you to be well and your best. Thanks to my mama for showing up for me this week!

Let’s Win,



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2 thoughts on “No Love Like a Mama’s Love: 4 Ways My Soul Was Fed This Week

  1. Angela

    Hey Cynthia! Great post! It made me think of how I felt re-charged by spending time with my mom over the Christmas break and I got to hang with my sister and her kids over this break. We are lucky to have women in our lives who get us and to be at times in our lives when we can appreciate what they have to offer. xo


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