New Date! Moms Winning Workshop! Top 3 Reasons You Need to Come

Hey Moms,

At times in life, we have to go with the flow in life.  My workshop last Saturday was one of those things.  Instead of meeting moms and envisioning our best lives, we all watched the snow fall through our windows from the comfort of our homes.  But I’m a firm believer, everything happens for a reason.

Today I just received word of a new available date and I snagged it.  And just two days after my birthday, I am already in love with this new workshop date.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons you need to come to this workshop:

1) Meet new moms.  Don’t think you need new (mom) friends? Lies! Everyone could use an extra connect or resource and expand their network.  Who knows? You might meet someone who gives you exactly what you need now in your life!

2) Invest in your future self. When’s the last time you had a break? When’s the last time you got to discuss your dreams, strengths, areas of improvement and receive support?  I’m just saying…if you are a busy mom like me, time for self is like a myth.

3) Create a shift.  You are a catalyst to others and yourself.  We just sometimes get stuck in the right now and comfort zones.  Start a ripple effect on your life RIGHT NOW!  Attend this workshop and create energy in the right direction of your best life.  By clearing your mind, pouring our your heart and serving your spirit, everything else in life becomes clearer and easier.

Reserve your spot today! Click here,

Let’s Win,



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