Manifesting Your Best Life: 3 Ways to Dig Out of Depression

By | January 26, 2016

Hey Moms,

You have an innate power. A magnetic magic inside of you to pull into existence anything you want in the world. You were born with it.

You, like us all, forgot it along the way when you were growing up and learning about the world. You studied the beauty of nature and learned about limitations. You were also taught the magic is “out there” but really it’s “in here.”

But you can reconnect with that power. You can MANIFEST your best life.

What stops us from believing in our powers? Life! Busyness! Responsibility!

Our thoughts dictate our life. Our thoughts dictate our life. Our thoughts dictate our life.


Your mind is like a video stream playing. What’s on? Are thoughts of self-promotion and joy in the stream? Or negativity and doubt?  How do we change our thoughts especially when we are in a rut?

A few summers ago, I had a very difficult experience. I was raising two young girls on my own, far away from family and without enough money to support them. Overwhelmed is how I felt to say the least. The video playing in my head was dark and negative. Depressed and without hope.


I hit my rock bottom and decided to dig my way out via my thoughts. I couldn’t change my situation or circumstance. But I still could my mind.  Here are three ways I dug myself out of depression:

1) Affirmations: I literally made affirmation cards and posted them on my kitchen cabinets.  I promised myself that I would read them to myself at least 10 times a day everyday.  What did I have to lose?  I didn’t want to succumb to the pressure of anxiety and stress.  I wanted to LIVE.  My affirmations were around feeling loved, supported, having income, taking responsibility and stop blaming.  And literally, like magic, one day I woke up and there was a peace.  Like none I had known before.  I could handle my days with just a little more joy.  It was the beginning of victory.


2) Meditation:  At times, we parents get upset.  Frustrated.  Overwhelmed.  We need a way to relax and calm down, especially when we hardly get alone time anymore.  Meditation is scheduled alone time with intentional thoughts.  I started experimenting with meditation videos I found on YouTube for positivity and self-love, and the results were immediate and impressive.  I felt less irritable and more present in the moment.


3) Visualization: Additionally, I created a vision board and would consistently journal about what I desired.  I wrote out my affirmations if nothing else and vented my feelings.  I started to practice feeling the life I wanted to live and the feelings I wanted to have.  I forced myself to laugh and smile and mentally see the life I desired.

A year later, I found exactly the spot I had manifested.  New job, more support and happier.

I realized that it was up to me (and God) to get out of the dark space I was going through.  I found the power in me, more than I ever knew existed.  And I believe you can too!

Let’s Win,


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