Shoes Every Mom Should Have, Charleston Shoe Co is Winning! (Giveaway)


Hey Moms,

If you’re like me, before kids, you were rocking some pretty fly shoes. ? And by shoes, I mean heels of every kind, shape and color.  Foot pain didn’t stop you from looking great and whipping together a fabulous outfit. You were, no doubt, winning with your shoe game.

Enter in MOTHERHOOD.  Now, please believe me, I tried.  I really did.  And I will give it up ? ? ?to all those moms who STILL throw on the heels.  But for ME, I’ve had to hand those 3-inch beauties down to someone else who could use them.  My favorite sandals and boots have been collecting dust over the past 5 years due to little use. ? Majority of my life during these years has been spent chasing after little people in playgrounds or catching them off the monkey bars.  I couldn’t be bothered with my irritation from uncomfortable shoes: I had kids to raise! Yes, I get into bad moods because of bad shoes.  Plus, I’m still trying to live this minimalist lifestyle and holding on to items that I barely enjoy just doesn’t fit into the plan.


Then there was THE DAY. ? The day I chased after a women walking down 5th ave last summer in New York City.  This lady was walking down the street with her husband in these DARLING sandals that looked not only cute but COMFORTABLE.  I just had to know where she had bought them.  So I politely said “excuse ma’am..” trying not to sound like a stalker, because this is New York City after all, and I asked “where did you get your shoes?” She replied, “Charleston Shoe Company.”  Her husband also mentioned that these shoes were her favorite and the best shoes she had ever had…in her life.  Well, if that isn’t a good endorsement, I don’t know what is.  I was SOLD and I hadn’t even bought a pair yet.


Immediately, I looked up the website on my phone and found 1) the website to be super cute and user friendly, 2) the shoes to be totally stylish and considerate when it comes to comfort and 3) shoes worth investing in. I immediately bought a pair of sandals and expected greatness.  I was so excited, I raved to every woman last summer about them.  And after having a pair, I can attest, these are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever had on.



The good news now is the company has sent me one of their most popular boots for moms-on-the-go like me, the Savage Boot in Leopard.  They are fabulous!  Comfortable and cute!  The best news of all, Charleston Shoe Company will send you a pair too if you win the raffle below.  Click the link below and here’s how it works:
Enter Charleston Shoe Company Raffle here

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The more you subscribe and follow, the more entries you will have in the raffle.  It’s that simple.

Please let Charleston Shoe Company change your shoe life.  It did for me!

Let’s Win,

Cynthia ?


  1. Um, once again you have just spoken my life to the world of moms lol. Creon and I were just talking last night and he said, you don’t try to look cute anymore (excuse me!!!), because I stopped wearing heels! Is he crazy! My son would have had me break both ankles by now if I kept that mentality lol. So thank you for sharing!!! Maybe this can be an after Christmas gift to myself;-) I’m about to win!!!

  2. Mama needs a brand new pair of shoes! In the midst of unpacking and getting this place together before we ring in 2016…I got in my entries! *crossing fingers*


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