Let’s Talk Goals >>> Preparing for 2016

By | December 14, 2015


Hey Moms,

There is this great book I read years ago called Getting Things Done by David Allen.  The book discusses how to be productive and stress-free.  One tag line from the book that always remains with me is keeping our “minds like water.” ? That means, keeping our minds clean and clear ready to greet and give to each moment that arrives in our lives.  Sounds nice, right?


Yet, what we all know to be true is our minds are often weighed down.  And most of the time we are mulling over distractions.  I would bet we let way too much into our minds then shouldn’t be there.

And the truth is we only have so much energy.  There is an a finite amount of strength we have each day to get up, get ready and work, work, work.  We aren’t robots (nor should we try to be).  But what we should do with our human power is use our good judgement and distinguish those items that get our attention.


Enter in prioritization.  What is most important to you?  Those items should be guiding your decision making, forcing you into a yes/no answer when commitments come up.  I know, I know…it’s hard.  Everyone wants to ask for more and we can’t say no…well I’m asking you to try…harder.

At the end of a day, week or month, you should be able to sit back and say, “yes, I’ve applied my energy to the things that matter most to me.”


As a starter, here are the categories (of life) that I want you to consider and write down a goal that if fulfilled would bring you joy for 2016.  I’ve provided some examples to help.

Life Categories:

  • Mind: (Example: I would like to go to therapy or read 1 book a month)
  • Body: (Example: I would like to make sure I get a massage once a month)
  • Spirit: (Example: I would like to complete a bible study program)
  • Finance: (Example: I would like to pay off all my medical debt)
  • Friends/Family: (Example: I would like to see my family 2x/year)
  • Relationships: (Example: I would like to spend 1x a week with my significant other)
  • Nutrition: (Example: I would like to eat vegetables everyday)
  • Career/Purpose: (Example: I would like to launch my own website)

In addition, I want you to circle 2-3 areas that are most important to you. For example, I would circle family, nutrition/body and spirit. By going through the categories of life, we can scan through all important items and don’t miss anything.  These will act as your goals and priorities for 2016.  Now you must say yes/no accordingly.  Don’t get swept up into someone else’s goals or priorities.  Set your agenda and work accordingly.

Keep this list of goals and priorities in a journal or something.  Each quarter, an assessment should be made and goals should be adjusted or expanded accordingly.  Additionally, what I like to do with each goal, is plan out the support required to achieve the goal and answer the question, “how will I know I’ve achieved this goal?”

What comes up for you when you set goals for the year?  I’d love to know what works or doesn’t work for you.  Drop me a comment.

Let’s Win,

Cynthia ?


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