Reflecting on 2015 to Gear Up for 2016 in 4 Simple Steps


Hey Moms,

We are less than 4 weeks to the new year — are you ready? ? Let’s remember, the new year is a good time to start fresh, but with commitment and determination, that can happen anytime anyplace.  Yet, since January 1st is such a common time for most of the population to start anew, it’s a opportune time to adjust some habits and focus on new heights. ?


Before we can dig into our goals for the next 365 days, we MUST take a snapshot on the past twelvemonth. ? Reflection is necessary step because until one truly knows where he/she has been, they can not totally know where they are going. ? For example, if you don’t reflect on a low, how can you distinguish a high?  Here are four simple steps on how to reflect on 2015 in order to gear up for 2016.


  1. Make the time: Reflection doesn’t just happen while waiting in line for the ATM.  Best reflection usually takes place alone and uninterrupted (is that even possible with kids?). ⏰ Think coffee shop, just you and a latte.  Or even soaking in the bathtub with access to a writing pad while listening to classical music.  Whatever way you can get it, just carve out at least 30-60 minutes, at the very least. photo-1442406964439-e46ab8eff7c4
  2. Bring your calendar: Going off memory won’t help us here. ? Trust me, I’ve walked tons of people through this exercise and most can’t remember what they did last week, let alone in January. ? I ask that you bring your calendars to jog your memory on the moments you’ve had.  By looking at the appointments you have reserved on your calendar, you will be able to build a collection of impressions from 2015.  We wouldn’t want to miss out on anything important.
  3. Organize by month: On your sheet of paper, I want you to jot down your recollections by month vertically.  Just freeing write down any memories you had in each month of this year. That’s all you have to do so that we can see the flow of the year.IMG_0810
  4. Highlight: Lastly, I like to pick out 3 “hearts” ? and 2 “deltas” ? as an executive summary of the year.  Draw a heart around the memories that were your favorite and a triangle (mathematical symbol for change) around the recollections that were tough or caused a lot of difficulty for you.  By doing this, you acknowledge the things that are most significant to you and your energy.


And that’s it. ?  This is a short and simple guide on how to get through the vast data of 365 days worth of living in a way that is meaningful and productive. ? I love facilitating this exercise for small groups of friends as the listening, sharing and support that comes from this direct exercise is truly powerful. ? Please make the commitment this week to reflect on this year so that we can really catapult into the new year.

Let’s Win,

Cynthia ?


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