Manifest Monday: Make a List and Check It Twice


Hey Moms,

We only have 46 days until the 2016.  That means in just a month and a half, we get to jump start into a new year and newer you.  Now is the perfect time to reflect on 2015, do the plus/delta review (delta represents change), and manifest for 2016.

Buuuuttt, before we make it past the new year’s threshold with a champagne sip and a sweet kiss, let’s make a list of things that need to get done before December 31 rolls around.  We don’t want to take a big bag of to-dos into the new year with us.


This is also a perfect time to mention I’ll be posting something in the near future about personal operating systems (POS).  If you don’t have one now, we need to figure out a system that works for you and implement it into your life.  Why have a POS anyway?  It will keep your mind like water and allow you to be more present in each moment that arrives in your life.  What does that mean? Basically, you won’t be all over the place trying to remember every single thing that pops up in your world.  For example, if you try to remember you have a doctor’s appointment at 2p.m. today in addition to what you need to pick up at the store after work AND to call you BFF back….you are overloading your mind.  With a POS, you will only remember the things you have to and keep every other piece of data stored somewhere you will remember (remember being the operative word here).  Marinate on that until next time….


Now back to this list.  Write down your list where it’s convenient for you.  Perhaps your phone has a notes app you can use or you like the old fashioned way of writing things down in your planner.  Or just use a hot pink post-it and put it up on your cabinet.  Either way, make the list easily accessible.

This list should do a self-check on you: what do you need to take care of you and put you in a good position for a new year.  Below are some questions to consider:

  • SELF-CARE: Have you handled all physical self care appointments for the year? Have you seen your dentist? GYN? Have you had a physical this year?  Do you need to see a nutritionist? Or specialist?  Do you want to start going to therapy but just haven’t gotten the ball rolling yet? Write it down.
  • HOME ORG: Are there any outstanding home projects that haven’t gotten done yet?  What about just organization, like making sure the closets and drawers are actually organized and you can find things easily? Write it down.
  • FINANCES/BIZ: Are all those parking tickets paid for already?  And any outstanding co-pays that need attaining to? Or do you need to order business cards, set up a website or hire a graphic designer for your new business venture or project? Write it down.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Are there some friends that you keep saying you will connect with and haven’t all year?  Or some thank you notes or thoughtful gifts that slipped your mind to send because you were too busy running around? Write it down.

This list should represent a vision: if all the above items were completed, you would feel on-top-of-things…complete…GOOD.  And please note, even if this list isn’t all checked off by the January 1st start date, it’s okay.  As long as you have gotten the ball rolling on items, it will be easier to complete in the new year.  This exercise is simple planning and at the same time setting yourself up for success in 2016.

I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave comments.  Thanks!

Let’s Win,

Cynthia ?

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