5 Ways Jane the Virgin is Keeping It Real on Motherhood


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Tell me I’m not the only one who waits until the kids are asleep to pick up the iPad and watch a couple of TV shows ? as a way to decompress the day and retreat momentarily. ? I know, I should be meditating or exercising, the lights from technology actually stimulate my brain, but I’m human, what can I say.  ?

Sidebar: I think I use commas way too much and incorrectly.  I apologize in advance.  ?

Okay, on to one of my favorite weekly shows to watch.  Only in its second season, Jane The Virgin, is loosely the English version of a Spanish telenovela.  If you don’t know what a telenovela is, it’s a show full of drama, twists, turns and seduction, like a soap opera, but in Spanish.


Last year, the first season of the show, was witty, entertaining and unexpected.  The acting is great and the script is well-written.  <<Shout out to my fellow Chicago sister, Gina Rodriguez, as the lead — she rocks! >> The plot, loosely put, is that Jane has never had sex but accidentally gets artificially inseminated by a guy she once kissed while being in a long-term relationship with another guy.  How does that happen?  You have to watch the show!  All in all, this show had everything going for it from the gate.


But this season is even better.  I say that selfishly too because this season shows Jane in all of her new motherly ways, freak-outs and all.  As a mom of two, only 16 months apart, doing all the work, I have a lot to say about motherhood.  According to author Malcolm Gladwell in the book Outliers, I’ve achieved my 10,000 hours of motherhood and thus I should be deemed an expert.  But, if you’re a mom, you know thinking of yourself as a master is far from what motherhood actually feels like. ?

In this season, Jane The Virgin keeps it all the way real on motherhood so much so that after watching an episode, I leaned back, felt good and relieved that a primetime show was shedding light on the real ugly truths of new mommy life.  Below are my top 5 ways Jane the Virgin is keeping it real for us mommies ✊:

  1. Choosing Between Work and Baby: Ugh! The moment when your baby needs you to be home but you need to stay at work otherwise you will be looked at as a slacker.  Jane experiences this moment when she is back in school for writing and has to choose to stay in class or go home. Pre-kids, it was so easy to just stay until the work gets done, right?  But when you’re a mom, you have to manage the needs of this other person now who needs you 24/7.  The transitioning of priorities is a no-brainer but feels rough in real life.
  2. Second Guessing Time Away from Baby: Remember that time when you were told about the 3-day work retreat and you had an infant at home?  Same thing happens to Jane during a writers’ retreat in school.  This one hits home for me.  Last year, I didn’t go on a work retreat because I had no one to watch the kids.  Welcome to mom life. ?
  3. Forgetting a Pumping Machine Piece: O. K.  This right here?!? By far, the worse thing to happen ever right?  You get to work, you and your gorging breasts make it to a private pumping room (a.k.a. bathroom) and are ready for some relief, secreting wishing there was an easier way to do this, and you reach for all the machine pieces and realize you must have left one at home! AAAHHHH! ??  In Jane The Virgin, while at her writers’ retreat, the same thing happened.  Lucky for her, the father of her son, drove the piece to her.  My story didn’t end like that in real life though. ?
  4. Nipple Confusion: This is when your baby has spent just enough time away from you and has sipped that bottle just a little too much and realized the bottle trumps the boob.  I tell you I WAS IN TEARS when this happened to me.  And when you try to reteach the baby how to nurse, it’s minutes and minutes of crying and fussing…wanting that bottle!  Unbearable. Why work so hard with the boob when the bottle makes it so easy?  Same thing happens to Jane after being away on her retreat.  For me, with baby number two, I was determined to get her to learn how to navigate both…and she did. ? Mommy win.
  5. Feeling Unprepared as a Mom: Overall, that feeling you get when you realize you don’t know WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE DOING! We didn’t go to school for this! And now here we are, responsible for another person’s life…?  Jane goes through those same feelings.  But then gets consoled, just like I was, that motherhood is about learning on the job.  You can’t really learn about it any other way.
  6. (BONUS) Last Days of Pumping: That day you finally decide to take your body back completely.  The first 9 months, the baby is in your body.  But the time after, when you are nursing, you are still giving up your body.  But that day you decide will be your last day of pumping….no more 15-20 minute breaks 3 times a day at work…WHOOT WHOOT! Jane enjoys the victory just as many mothers have.

It’s Monday so you can catch a new episode tonight.  Check your local listings.

Do you have shows you love?  Comment and let me know which ones I need to check out.

Let’s Win,

Cynthia ?


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