What Is THIS Life?

By | October 31, 2015

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Hey Moms,

What. A. Day.

Last Thursday was one of THOSE days.

I’m going to try to make a r e a l l y long story short.  But I must share with you my day last Thursday. ?

Have you ever had one of THOSE days…where life spoke to you?  Told you something?  Sent a message? Made you think? But not the soft, smooth and gentle messages that come from sweet kindness of strangers or groovy traffic-free cruises…the SLAM in YOUR FACE, “you-gonna-learn-today” type of messPhoto on 5-24-14 at 8.55 PMaging.  The “every-problem-has-a-complex-solution” type of day.  Ever had one of those days?

Meet my last Thursday.   Where all I could do was keep chugging along ? and make it the finish line. ?  The story starts with two armoires and ends with two lava cakes. ?
My boss was gifting me two beautiful armories.✨ I didn’t ask for them but I’m always open for upgrades to my cozy casa.  ?  And besides, I’ve been manifesting better dressers for my home, so I’m not too surprised when the universe sends me what I’ve been asking for.

I had enough time to plan an effortless strategy to pick up the furniture and get it to my house without much stress.  My first thought was to OUTSOURCE; delegate this task and pay for someone else to do it. ?  I’m too busy and need to conserve my energy for my kids.  Well, when www.taskrabbit.com emailed me Thursday morning to say they didn’t have a taskmaster for me ?, I had Photo on 9-12-15 at 7.09 PMto make a Plan B and quick.  After calling drivers off of craigslist and some college student moving organizations, I had to face the music and  dial my nearest U-Haul to reserve a van and ask a nice (man) friend to help  = “man with a van” right? But I really didn’t want to do anything.  I wasn’t motivated at all.

Before I could jet out to handle my furniture moving escapades, I had to fix a colossal work problem: there was no working copier/printer in the office. O. M. G. And I had already ordered a new mega copier to replace our old one but when it arrived, I felt….?  The best way to describe my feeling is when you get to Ikea, and you love how a piece of furniture looks on display, decide to purchase it (though it’s in a awfully thin and long flat box), get home, open the box and totally feel over your head with assembly instructions.  That’s how I felt when I ordered our new office copier.  When the new copier was delivered a month ago, I realized we didn’t have the right outlet for it.  <Thanks sales rep who failed to mention that> So, we kept using the old copier until that went “ka-put” 2 days prior.  But I couldn’t call a service ticket on the old copier because we were out of contract, our equipment lease had expired…that’s why I had already ordered a new copier…I WAS trying to get ahead of this!

Then our color printer ran out of ink and Staples didn’t carry the ink cartridges we needed in the store anymore.  I had to order the ink cartridges online and have them mailed. That would takes days! It just frustrates me sometimes not to be able to fix things…at least right away. <Really, I’m not a control freak ?> And then I have to explain to every single person that comes into the office for a copy, the long list of reasons why we can’t copy right now.  On top of all that, the new copier is with a new company so I don’t even have the customer service representative information yet.  UGH.  I wasn’t able to solve the issue Thursday…it just left me with a tense neck and shoulders before I had to leave for the day and do my laborious next job.

Oh, and the kids?  Who’s gonna take care of the kids?  They aren’t scheduled for after school on Thursdays.  I wasn’t going to be back in time to pick them up. Enter…one of my saving graces…my friend, the music teacher.  She immediately offered to take the kids, who love to play with her kids, and wait until I was done.  Without this type of help, I couldn’t have gotten through the day.

Still not loving the idea of devoting the next 4-5 hours to manual labor, I went ahead and picked up the van and headed to my boss’ house downtown.  My friend helping me wouldn’t be able to help on the home side of things because of a meeting he had, so I Unknown-1called my super and he agreed to assist me once I got the armoires to my building. Save! I looked in the back of the van and realized U-Haul forgot to give me my (ordered) dolly. UGH.  I just phoned my boss and super and both said they had dolly…not to worry.  Okay, I was bobbing and weaving…bobbing and weaving through the set-backs….I was working hard to stay positive.

The journey absolutely took just over 4 hours.  The moving of furniture was a pretty light ordeal.  My boss was ready when we got there, total time was 15-20 minutes.  There was traffic on the way back to the Bronx — of course!  But while driving in the van, the commercial-free music was on (from 4-6p) ? so at least I bumped my head to some jams I can’t normally play with the kids around.  ? A stranger on the street danced with me from afar when he saw me grooving in the van — that was reassurance that the day would somehow be alright.  Somehow.  It was fun driving with a higher vantage point then usual too.  I could see traffic patterns better.  And the new U-Haul moving van is way cuter and smoother than the older clunky one.  I was looking for the wins.  Right?Photo on 8-7-14 at 7.21 PM

Thus, $76 and 5 hours later, I had officially made it through the day!  I returned the van to U-Haul, picked up the kids, grabbed something quick to eat with a lava cake as my treat for my hard work that day.

My four take-aways from that day (because I have to look at the positive side of things) are:

  1. Keep Ya’ Head Up: on these days, when they come, you have to stay committed no matter what and make it to the finish line.  Tears and all.
  2. Be Creative in Problem Solving: know that the solution will probably not be obvious.  You will have to work for it; look under rocks and over trees to figure things out.
  3. Trust Resources Will Appear: focus on just showing up.  The rest will come.  I didn’t have a dolly but both my boss’ apartment building and mine did. Winning!
  4. Say THANK YOU: I had a lot of help that day.  And I have to appreciate them all.  I couldn’t have made it without them.  So I bought a couple lunches and coffees the next day to show my appreciation.

I love hearing about your crazy days too mommies.  Comment or send me a message.

Let’s Win,


P.S. I know I’m not the most grammatically correct in my stories or even the best storyteller out there…I simply write to connect our hearts and relate.  And since you all have written me saying you like hearing my stories, I’ll keep writing.  Thank you for your support. ?

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  1. Kesha

    Thanks for sharing and for your transparency. Will share a story when I have a bit more time. K

    1. Cyn Post author

      Thanks for the visiting and commenting. I look forward to more connecting in the future. xo


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