Style Finds for Moms: Statement Hat

1619073_10204838761225926_1525845181802709430_nHey Moms,

Over the years, as I’ve mentioned, I have tried my hardest to get from my “current situation” to “FAB” in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of steps and effort.  My quest has gone as far as stopping people in the street, without shame, and asking them where they purchased their shoes, bag, hat…you name it.  I’ve done all this in the name of having a comfortable and chic look as a city mom.  I firmly believe that I can be a run-around-chase-my-kids kind of mom AND be stylish!  I believe!

With that said, one of my favorite items that really works for me, is a hat.  Not only because hats are SO trendy right now, but also because in the whole 15 minutes of prep time I have to get ready every morning, my hair doesn’t always wake up fresh and ready-to-wear.  AIMG_1606

hat is a huge save and the right ones, make the outfit a real winner.  Right now, I’m rocking a bright fuchsia statement hat…regardless if I have fuchsia in my outfit or not.  Remember, you don’t have to be “matchy-matchy”, especially in these liberal fashion days.  So don’t stress yourself out.  Pick out a hat that sparks joy for you and make it your go-to hat t
o spice up an average outfit.

Some places to search and find one for you:

  1. Nordstorm
  2. Sierra Trading Post
  3. Luxury Divas

Let’s Win,



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