Make Your Happy !

Happy usWOW Wednesday Moms!

Today is the day when we reflect on the magic of life and salute the universe in awe.

Did you know that you actually need very little to be happy? ☺️ I know, most of us have been raised with the mentality that acquisition = happiness. ? But studies show that the more we have does not equate to more joy in life. ?

And personally speaking, it was after being totally broke without a job and two little mouths to feed, that I found a greater connection to my source of joy. ? I realized less IS more.  I was pushed to focus on the positive and on what I DID have. ?  That’s not to say I don’t appreciate my check now ?…I definitely do.  But, remember-this-that-very-little-is-needed-to-make-a-happy-life-2even now, when things get tough, I remember what to focus on and how to be happy…as is.

As moms, our little people look to us to show them the way on how to live.  It’s a big responsibility but if don’t well, we gift the world with more goodness.  Make your happy…no matter what.

“Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.” – Marcus Aurelius

Let’s Win,

Cynthia ?



  1. Hello Dear! Good to hear all is well .Your kids are adorable BTW. I agree with this post. I am trying to purge, purge, purge. I don’t buy my kids toys anymore and I even got rid of the Christmas tree so we can focus on what matters during the Holidays! We became debt free in 2013 and haven’t looked back. No more working for stuff…we are working for what matters….family!

    1. HEY Aja! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment! Keep them coming. I fixed the subscription link…sign up and send to your mommy friends. Chat soon.

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